Muslims fear 'backlash' over todays knife attack on police

“Backlashphobia” on Steroids

Look out for leftoids and Koranimals babbling about “disproportionate force”

One man at the scene said the dead man was “of Muslim appearance….”

Good news:

Both members involved in the Endeavour Hills shooting are now in a stable condition.

Bad news:

Police concerned the fatal shooting will spark outrage from the man’s community …

# What ‘community’ could possibly be outraged?  Could it be the “nothing-to-do-with-Islam community?” (Mullah, pbuh)


More “backlash” BS, condensed for easy reading:

“I feel sick and paralysed with fear”,  “criminals had hijacked my religion,” – “I was fearful of the backlash that would now race towards Muslim women in Australia. I am incredibly fearful of the right-wing extremism that is breeding in this country…”

And I don’t give a shiite. I just want them gone.

More paralysis with fear, hijacked religion, backlashophobia and incredible fear of breeding right-wing extremism along with other stereotypical muslim victim baggage at The Age

After backlashphobia come the threats:

Shut up about Islam, and be safe

Jamila Hussain offers a Mohammedan ‘education’ to ignorant kafirs


Dear Ms Lambie, I believe you may be having some difficulties with the meaning of Sharia law. Let me see if I can help…

The word Sharia in Arabic means a path or a way and is basically a pathway for Muslims to follow to live their lives in accordance with God’s will. …

Flashback 2007:

University of Technology Sydney Islamic law lecturer Jamila Hussain said Hirsi Ali’s ideas were extreme and stigmatised Muslims.  (Andrew Bolt)

Headchopping, honor killings and pedophilia are not extreme because they are  Allah’s will….

5 thoughts on “Muslims fear 'backlash' over todays knife attack on police”


    EXPEL or “EXPEL” – now please!

    Make the following be true ….
    by Every Australian ensuring….
    …. by 1990 no Muhamamdan will be living in Australia (or in any Western Country).”

    in retrospect!

  2. C’mon backlash ….
    – expel or”expel” all and every Muhammadan in Australia,
    – expel or”expel” all and every “dhimmi” in Australia,

    Help Australian Senator Jacqui Lambie (PUP TAS) rid Australia of Muhammadans
    Help Australian Senator Cory Bernardi (Lib SA) rid Australia of Muhammadans

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