NEW laws aimed at stopping those who incite terror won't be targeting Muslim preachers:

Brandis warns new anti-incitement laws will apply to all

Gladstone Observer thanks to Mullah, pbuh

I smell treason. We have seen this modus operandi from treacherous politprops in Europe. These  laws will be rigorously enforced to shut up the natives in order to protect Mohammedan head choppers. Despicable beyond belief.
ZAH_brandis_LW-20140326200858682644-620x349“It is absolutely against the DNA of every man and woman in the Government to impose limitations on freedom of speech. But there is all the difference in the world between expressing opinions and urging violence.”


MOSQUE OPEN DAY: 100 Queenslanders takes a look 

Come to Islam, come to the mosque:

Entering a mosque for the first time is a huge step for the 50-year-old Brisbane mother. Ms Jaggers is frightened by Islam because she says a group of Muslim youths once threatened her.

“I deliberately avoid them in the street, they scare the living s*** out of me,” she told AAP….See More

MUSLIM leader Ali Kadri knows his campaign to get Queenslanders to visit mosques could attract people with hostile attitudes.
“Despite being given the strictest level of inmate classification, the AA classification introduced in 2008 especially for terrorists, convicts including Mohammed Elomar,…JIHAD WATCH