No good deed goes unpunished….


From The Telegraph

alan hemming and other volunteersHumanitarian aid: Alan Henning, circled, with other volunteers before setting off for the Syrian border

Remember, these other volunteers got back from Syria eventually OK but won’t go into how and what happened. (They’re all Mohammedans, that’s why.)

The Briton threatened with execution next by Islamic State militants in Syria is a Manchester taxi driver who drove a van full of aid to Syria to help children in the war-torn country. Alan Henning had taken time off from his job to deliver a van full of clothes and bedding he and friends had collected, when he was abducted on Boxing Day last year. (by Esmerelda Weatherwax)

Islam, the religion of the professors:

A UNIVERSITY of Derby lecturer  useful idiot has warned that the Government should not act too hastily following the murder of British aid worker David Haines. ..

Moonbats rarely come dumber than that:

Beheaded victim’s brother insists Islam ‘not to blame’


He added: “The Muslim faith is not to blame for ISIL, nor is it the fault of people of Middle Eastern descent.” …

More nothing to do with at The Malay Mail Online thanks to Mullah, pbuh

Islam’s been hijacked, again! 

And scapegoating Muslims will only increase the terror threat:

The Islamic Council of Victoria has strongly condemned three executions of Westerners by Islamic State jihadists. Secretary Ghaith Krayem said: ”These atrocities have no place in our religion. Individuals such as this cannot continue to hijack our religion in the name of their obscenities.” ..more fooling the kafir @ Canberra Times

Australia’s decision to send 600 troops to the Middle East will increase the terror threat at home, according to a Melbourne University terrorism researcher.

Here we go again: fighting  crime causes more crime. Resisting the jihad will cause more jihad. Leftards and  the watermelon Greens fall for this BS every time….

Mr Krayem criticised the lack of consultation over the government’s proposed crackdown on travellers jihadists to the Middle East and Mr Abbott’s ”hollow rhetoric”.

Can you imagine? The hide and the hubris of these Mohammedan dogs is unrivalled. The endless whining, the persistent demands that our policies need the blessing of resident Mustards is nothing short of infuriating.


3 thoughts on “No good deed goes unpunished….”

  1. Australia’s decision to send 600 troops to the Middle East will increase the terror threat at home, according to a Melbourne University terrorism researcher.

    Things are moving along the way they were planned to.


  2. ”The Muslim community is used to feeling scapegoated, but they are already feeling an increased pressure,” he said.

    ”There is a feeling that the raising of the terror threat level is political. I think it’s very shameful and very cheap politics.”

    Mr Tabbaa said the government appeared happy to foster irrational fear of Muslims as a distraction from domestic issues such as an unpopular budget.

    I cannot be more pleased. As I posted before, we are going to ME whenever we want to, without consulting the local imams. This will increase the Jihad as expected, upping the status quo ante. This is going to carry on for the next 50 years, or until we are at war with the Islamic world. However we will never say so. A cold wr will exist wjhen there is no hot war. Strict immigration rules, trade embargoes, and the rest, will be applied just as they were with the USSR.

    Carry on up the Khyber.

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