No virgins?

No virgins if a mujahid gets shot by a woman

Terrified of Losing 72 Heavenly Virgins, Islamic State Fighters Reportedly ‘Run Away’ from Female Soldiers

Un Muayad, a Ramadi resident fighting alongside tribal fighters, fires her rifle during clashes with the al Qaeda-linked ISIL in RamadiFemale peshmerga fighters are now on the front lines against the Islamic State jihadists.

“I think [the Islamic State] were more afraid of us than of the men,” a female Kurdish fighter named Tekoshin told AFP, the New York Post noted. “They believe they’ll go to hell if they die at a woman’s hands.”

Jihad from behind bars: How Australia’s highest ranking terrorists are calling the shots from notorious maximum security prison

By Melissa Hills for Daily Mail Australia

These men are considered to be so dangerous that they are escorted to court ­appearances and other appointments by guards armed with rocket launchers and machine guns while being supported by helicopters and armoured vehicles. …

(Sep 21st 2014 thanks to Mullah, pbuh)

6a00e55188bf7a8834010536336067970b-800wiThe root-cause of Islamic terrorism is Islam itself

 Hizb ut-Tahrir finally destroyed the myth that we’ve just brought the terrorism threat on ourselves by “alienating” Muslims, and if we were just nicer some wouldn’t be forced pick up a gun or a knife. Doureihi’s rant nails it: one of the root causes of this extremism is Islam itself, preaching a hatred of nonbelievers and the legitimacy of killing to defend the faith. (Bolt)


Willie Clitman wouldn’t lie to you:

“Hamas is feeling weak and disempowered, and they fire 3,000 rockets into Israel.”
And the winner is: Tony BLiar!
He says that the free world must combat the ideology of the Islamic State, while retailing the usual soothing fictions about where its ideology comes from. – JIHAD WATCH
(Hugh Fitzgerald)

Tony Blair, newly trim, just like the post-bypass Bill Clinton, appeared on CNN today. He was interviewed by Candy Crowley, who keeps trying to make people make sense about Islam, but she never goes in for the kill. Several tiimes Blair went out of his way to say that “no religious faith condones the kind of thing ISIS does” (words to that effect), when all it would have taken is a few quotes from the Qur’an, and mention of what Muhammad, the Perfect Man, did at the Battle of the Trench, to leave Blair either speechless or sputtering.

And when Candy Crowley asked him why it was that so many British citizens, just like others from around Europe, had gone off to join ISIS, when they had perfectly decent lives in those European countries, Blair responded — the word “Muslim” was never used — by saying that yes, in Great Britain they had free education, free health care, freedoms unavailable to them elsewhere (where, exactly, was that “elsewhere” to which he referred? Why couodn’t he have simply said “in the Muslim lands, such as Pakistan or Arab countries, from which they came? Would that have been too much trouble? — and so the reasons for their going off to join ISIS constituted a great riddle to be solved. And if, as he repeated, Islam did not in any way encourage such behavior as we have all seen, and not only in the videos proudly put out by ISIS, then why, as he then said, did this “radicalization” happen in all these mosques and madrasas? On what basis did this “radicalization” take place? What was the authority to which those spreading these so-very-foreign-to-Islam doctrines appealed? There had to be something, to make young Muslims so ready to go off to fight for ISIS, or Al-Nusra, or a dozen other groups or to conduct, or plan to conduct, such operations within the non-Muslim countries which they had no intention of leaving? And there had to something that made so many other Muslims so eager to protect and defend Islam, and to keep repeating, and to demand that non-Muslims keep repeating in unison, that Islam isa religion of peace and tolerance and so on?

Tony Blair did nothing to oppose, and so did everything to encourage, the steady immigration of Muslims into Great Britain, and when he was Prime Minister, told people that he carred around a Qur’an (this was just after 9/11) and found nothing wrong with it, indeed found it inspiring. He allowed his Administration to look the other way as Muslim atrocities, the daily atrocities to which many in Great Britain have been subjected — and not just the underage girls who, by the tens of thousands, have had their lives ruined by Muslim predators in Rotherham, in Sheffield,and in dozens of other places, too, whose names will come out one by one — werre committed. He did nothing to eduate himself, or the British public, about the texts and tenets of Islam. He did nothing to halt or reverse Muslim immigration. He had a duty to instruct, and he failed in that duty.

And now, even today, even though he probably knows a lot more than he did in the fall of 2001 (when he ought to have immediately set himself to school, and studied Islam and the history of Islamic conquests, its ways and its means), he still gets on television and misinforms the public. No good will come of this; only evil. He is criminally negligent, and cruel to those who need to be told the truth. And there are so many of our rulers and mind-molders who are just like him, on both sides of the Atlantic and the Channel.

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  1. The real traitors are the last Labour government. This is the government that ignored the cries of tens of thousands of young girls, as they were being systematically gang raped by Muslim perverts from dar ul Islam, over a decade.

    The authorities now claim that they didn’t know. Of course they did; it is inconceivable that they didn’t know. The shame that they have brought on the nation is so huge, that the entire establishment is sweeping it under the carpet.

    Historians will view this chapter in our history as one of the most shameful of all. I cant think of any government anywhere in the world in recorded history, which has given its young girls to be gang raped by aliens, even when the nation was facing imminent invasion.

    If Labour had got back in power, this shameful event in Britain’s history would never have come to light.

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