"Not sustainable"

Hussein Obama is not ‘sustainable’- America must remove this fraud

The Moonbat messiah’s meaningless blather at the Islamic UN is nauseating:

Obama Defends Islam, Smacks Israel, American Racism at UN


Hussein Obama says the status quo in the Arab-Israeli conflict “is not sustainable” as he addresses the UN General Assembly. …(Israel National News thanks to Mullah, pbuh)

More from Breitbart:

Obama stated that America rejected “any suggestion of a clash of civilization.” Our opponents have not done the same, of course. But Obama stated that we could fight those “religiously motivated fanatics” – fanatics who have nothing to do with Islam, of course, even if they are universally Muslim – by providing food and water and jobs. Obama’s Marxist foreign policy has never wavered: he believes that inequality, not religious conflict, lies at the root of Islamist enmity for the West.

Obama blames Israel at UN General Assembly:

‘Too many Israelis ready to abandon peace’— he didn’t mention the Hamas charter or the hundreds of millions of genocidal headchoppers in Israel’s neighbourhood who have abandoned peace long ago.

His vows are worthless:

Obama vows to fight ISIL ‘network of death’

 In a speech to UN general assembly, Obama stresses on global role to counter growing radicalisation and other crises.

How to defeat ISIS? Ask Israel

Pro-ISIS Jordanian Lawyer:

Obama Is a Slave, a Mule; We Will Rule the World

# Thanks to MEMRITVVideos

PLO ambassador: Israeli Jews return to “their countries of origin,” we’re hoping to shoot 100 ton warheads

Try to make peace with this.  From MEMRI:

Following are excerpts from an interview with Palestinian Ambassador to Iran Salah Al-Zawawi, which aired on Kawthar TV on September 16, 2014:

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