Obama is watching the situation “very carefully….”

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White House Reacts to Second American Journalist Beheading Video Released by ISIS

Earnest said that he hadn’t seen the reports but that the administration had been watching the situation “very carefully.”(“very carefully.”by Breitbart)


Tim Blair

An Australian corporate head-hunter fights his way to the top in an extremely competitive organisation:

An Iraqi news website is reporting that an Australian fighting with Islamic State, and who goes by the name Abu Yahya ash Shami, has been named the military commander for the town of Jalula in northern Iraq.

Citing a local source, the Iraqi News site said the Australian had proved his allegiance to Islamic State after he beheaded four people who refused to swear a bayat, or oath of allegiance, to [chief Islamic State goon Abu Bakr al] Baghdadi.

Choppy conditions are rare that far inland.

Psychologist on Muslim rape gangs: Psychology of sexual abuse is ingrained in their religion and culturePsychologist on Muslim rape gangs: Psychology of sexual abuse is ingrained in their religion and culture

The recent rape scandal in Rotherham, England, where authorities ignored the fact that packs of Pakistanis were abducting, raping, and torturing children by the hundreds, forcing them to abort their unborn babies and threatening to kill them in the most horrific ways if they told about the abuse, is far from unique. The phenomenon of [/Comments] Continue Reading »

UK Govt Employee Sent to ‘Diversity Training’ for Calling Pakistani Rotherham Rapists ‘Asian’

Wearing brown lipstick was simply not good enough….

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  1. The fact that the Super O administration is watching very carefully just makes me feel warm and gooey all over, you know, like a bunny rabbit in the jaws of a wolf.

    OK, yeah, we already know it’s ingrained in the culture and religion, so what? What we want is for it to stop and for the perps to be prosecuted and deported or executed and along with their Brit dhimmi enablers.

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