Obama Lectures ISIL on True Islam

377919105-1All  Islamic groups work together in perfect harmony like an orchestra that sings to the tune of “Allahu Akbar.”— Nonie Darwish

Thanks to Barenaked:

Only a Muslim apologist would try to convince you that the Islamic State (ISIS, ISIL, IS) is “NOT Islamic”

Muslims fear “backlash” from tomorrows Islamic terror attacks…

As the threat from the Islamic State grows, terrorism is back into the national psyche – and many Muslims in the United States fear a backlash and surge of Islamophobia. … More backlashophobia and fear of fear of nothing to do with islam at Channel NewsAsia thanks to Mullah, pbuh

‘I will only come back to Britain to raise the black flag’

(which has nothing to do with Islam…)

article-2752957-2104BA2100000578-923_306x423Jihadist Aqsa Mahmood broke her silence yesterday to warn Western Muslims that it’s ‘us against them’ and to ‘pick a side’ in the war. …More on the followers of the false prophet at Daily Mail/ Mullah


Lt. Colonel (Ret) Ralph Peters says, “Obama’s ISIS speech is so pathetic, it’s idiotic nonsense”

Hussein Obama’s shabby pretense at a strategy as laid out tonight will not defeat and destroy the Islamic State. By the way, it (ISIS) ‘is’ Islamic, and it is a nation state with a caliphate…BNI