Is ridicule a cure for headchoppers?

Ridicule is best and cheapest way to de-radicalise

SOCIAL workers, counsellors, and psychologists are not going to stop ­jihadi terrorists by pampering them with so-called de-radicalisation programs (“Unshackling the minds of ­Islamists”, 27-28/9).

These self-centred sociopaths will be stopped only by capturing them, convicting them, and imprisoning them for many years, releasing them as broken old men unable to harm anyone; and by making their activities and ideology anathema to their families, peers and religious community.

Any proposal to shower attention on potential or actual jihadists in deradicalisation programs should be rejected for the expensive, cumbersome and ineffective academic and social welfare con-job that it is. A campaign to ridicule and anathematise jihadists as gutless wannabes will be far cheaper and much more effective.

Merv Bendle,Mount Louisa,Qld

 ‘This Is Just What We Do’

“Can’t jump to conclusions….”

White House: Too early to know if OK beheading was terror or workplace violence

Jah’Keem Yisrael was shouting Islamic phrases as he stabbed and beheaded. He is clearly a devout Muslim. He has photos on his Facebook page glorifying beheadings and showing him giving the one-finger sign of allegiance to the Islamic State. What does all that signify for the Islamic State?


CAIR Isn’t Sure Oklahoma Beheader Is Muslim Because His Name Sounds Too Jewish
I think “honest Ibbe” is suffering from a severe lack of imagination.  If I had a dollar for every Mohammedan who posts Islamic agitprop on social media using a Jewish moniker I’d have enough money for a Caribbean cruise. False flag operations are a muselmanic speciality.

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  1. Muslims using Jewish names was standard feature in the early days of Jihad Watch/Dhimmi Watch. When people got wise to it, they started using Christian monikers.

    Muslims are liars. They are liars as Mohammed was a liar. Mohammed was a liar as allah himself is the great deceiver ie a liar.

    In the Bible, Satan is as the father of Lies.

  2. How disingenuous does “honest Ibbe” from CAIR think he can get? The quote below is from a recent post I just found, by torquetum-equinoctialis:

    “His chosen “Muslim” name? “Jah’Keem Yisrael” Ain’t that interesting, oh golly? Chances are that he did not quite make a mistake in writing “shalom” and misspelling “Alhakeium”. Note kindly that “Jah’Keem” is none other than “Joachim”, “יְהוֹיָקִים”, “YÉ™hôyāqîm”, “Ἰωακείμ” … in other words the father of Mary the mother of Jesus, or “Imran, father of Mary”.”

    And Jah’Keem Yisrael’s own webrants fit this into context. He viewed himself as Muslim AND Jewish — a descendant of “real Jews” under Allah who were quote-unquote driven out of Holy Land by quote-unquote the Roman Catholic army and enslaved by the “Afrikans” and sold to “Amerika”. So a triple whammy of Ebonicity, Judaism, Black-Jewish victimhood, and Islam. I have not made this up. Look it up on the net — from the dude’s very own mouth. So, yeah, agitprop under a Jewish moniker is ever so widespread, but Ibrahim Hooper seems to be out to a long lunch in terms of having a clue about what’s going in the dark corners of the radical religious blender trenches, so to speak. The Jah’Keem Yisrael wacko clearly blended Judaism, the Qur’an, and Black Jewish Lost Tribes narratives into one nice smoothie without any problems. Pity that someone had to die as a result.

  3. Ridicule of Muslims makes me feel better. I don’t give a damn if it cures them and their liberal maggots.

  4. Was he a black Hebrew? He said on his facebook”real Jews” were black & whites could not be Jewish .but were liers.

    1. No. He was just your average slum dwelling negro criminal who found Islam. A toxic combination.

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