So why won't our Arab "allies" help us against the Islamic state?

“I come to Syria as a Soldier for Allah”

Another member of the cream puff brigade has second thoughts:

A Kiwi jihadist who has links with al Qaeda and has taken up arms in Syria wants to leave the war-torn country – but first needs a fresh New Zealand passport after burning his old one.–SMART MOVE, BRO, (Tim Blair)

 by Hugh Fitzgerald

Al-Qaeda, Al Qaeda In The Maghreb (AQIM), Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), and other groups, will support the Islamic State with everything they’ve got. Who could have thought otherwise? And the Muslim Arab states, that with the exception of the Emirates were not really going to do much of anything, now have the excuse that “we’d love to but we can’t because it might increase domestic opposition to our regimes.” The question to ask, obvious to all but our leaders, is: Why might Arabs and Muslims choose to oppose a regime that wants to fight the Islamic State, if the Islamic State has nothing to do with Islam, and furthermore, merely sullies the image of Islam among non-Muslims?–Here.

Palestinian Fatah members carry their weapons as they take part in a parade to mark the 65th anniversary of Nakba, at Ain al-Hilweh Palestinian refugee camp near the port-city of Sidon, southern Lebanon
clearThe claims by Mahmoud Abbas as to the number of Fatah Shahids in Gaza, , and the Qur’anic-quoting Facebook page of Fatah, reported on here.

The psychically and socially marginal constitute the greatest number, and possibly almost all, of Western converts to Islam. Some may have been addicts of one sort or another. Others felt themselves to be in miserable economic or family situations that were to be blamed on something — never themselves — and that something became clear, was given a local habitation and a name, when they found the Total Explanation of the Universe, and Compleat Regulation of Life, which is Islam. It offered the Turn-Key Hatred for the Infidel. And then these miserable people could find their reason for being, which became the destruction of Infidels and the victory of Islam, everywhere.

Here’s one example, from 2005, before the Islamic State was there to become the cynosure of all true-blue (converted) Muslim eyes, that of a Belgian woman, who was inveigled into Islam by an Arab immigrant she met, and then further inveigled into strapping on a suicide vest, in Baghdad not Belgium, in an attempt to kill Americans.