"Sotloff was no war junkie…" and Foley wanted to “build bridges between Muslims and Christians"

Oh the irony!

These leftards have lost their minds.

And Foley wanted to “build bridges between Muslims and Christians.”

same3n-3-webInstead of appealing to the enemy, they should wake up to what killed him, and sound the alarm for free people.  Sotloff Family Statement: Journalist Beheaded By Islamic State ‘Was No War Junkie’

This is not surprising. Typical, actually. Both James Foley and Steve Sotloff were sympathetic to the jihad cause. Foley went to Syria because he was “exasperated by islamophobia” and wanted to “build bridges between Muslims and Christians.” And Sotloff was supportive of terror organizations in Egypt. And Syria. Many of Sotloff’s tweets show sympathy for […]READ MORE (Geller)

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 by Hugh Fitzgerald

From a news article:

“But with the emergence of the Islamic State, which has broken with Al-Qaeda and declared its own Islamic “caliphate” in Syrian and Iraqi territory, decapitation has once again become a potent tool.

Katz said videos of the brutal tactic also served the “alarming” purpose of “recruitment to jihad,” by attracting a small minority of radicalised Muslims impressed by such violent excesses.

“A dangerous community with a dark view of the world has interpreted the video in a celebratory and empowering vein,” Katz wrote in an analysis for the group.

But for most in the Muslim world and elsewhere, the Islamic State’s tactics produce revulsion and anger.

“The acts and practices of IS in terms of beheadings and insulting minorities are at complete odds with the message of Islam and Muslim belief,” said Sheikh Khaldun Araymit, secretary-general of Lebanon’s Supreme Islamic Council.

“Islam is mercy and love and communication with the other,” he told AFP.

“The heinous acts carried out by IS not only contradict Islam but are offensive to it.”

– ‘No basis’ in Islamic law –

Muslims express similar feelings online, taking to Facebook and Twitter after each new IS outrage, whether the crucifixion of Syrians or the reported trafficking of Yazidi women kidnapped in Iraq.

Scholars of Islam say there is no crime for which beheading is religiously prescribed, though the tactic was used in war by Muslims and non-Muslims alike at the time of Prophet Mohammed and after.[see 8.12, 9.5, 9.29,see  The Battle of the Trench]

“Beheading certainly was the common way to carry out criminal prosecutions throughout Islamic history, and it therefore was the default,” said Haider Ala Hamoudi, an Islamic law expert and professor at Pittsburgh University law school.

“The custom developed among peoples who were aware that it was on balance much less painful than other available means of execution.”

Beheading remains in use in Saudi Arabia, but Araymit noted that there it is used only “after a trial in the presence of a judge and where a pardon is not given.”

Rights groups have criticised its continued use there however, and accused the Saudi judicial system of serious flaws.

Officials at Egypt’s prestigious Al-Azhar religious authority have rejected the Islamic State and its practices as un-Islamic.

“These criminal acts have nothing to do with Islam” Azhar official Abbas Shoman told AFP. “There is no basis for them in Islamic law.”

“These people do not represent Islam,” he added.

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  1. Killing, beheading, raping non-Muslims, particularly Christians, is coming to an end for these Jihadis. The party is over. They also realise that the US and UK are coming to send them to collect their 72 virgins. Of course they want to come back.

    Oh by the way, when questioned by our Politically Correct totally dhimmified police, their answer will be that they were doing charity work

  2. Since when did Muslims become experts in building bridges?

    Muslims should first learn how to work and build real bridges, before they try something more difficult.

    Muslims reading this – you will continue to slaughter each other and everyone else, as that is what Mohammad did. You will have peace when Muslim countries become Christian. Till then your necks will always be on the line.

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