Sunshine Coast: Resisting Jihad Causes… Jihad?

Christina McIntosh delivers an excellent account of what happens when informed citizens are confronted by useful idiots, dhimmies and embarrassing politprops who are selling us into slavery as if their lives depended on it.
Maroochydore, Qld, Australia:
“By the Grace of Almighty Allah, MOSC has secured a place in the heart of Maroochydore for an Islamic centre/Musalla,”–The Muslim Organisation of the Sunshine Coast (MOSC)
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For a quick summary first up I will use the two ABC reports, by Brian Atkinson, but the local paper, the Sunshine Coast Daily, has lots of extra – and very telling – details in a couple of articles that are well worth reading.  It seems that many Aussie infidels grow ever better informed, and more alarmed, by the day, and week, and month; even despite the efforts of a still-dismaying number of Useful Idiots.

Anti-Muslim Protest: Hundreds Rally at Proposed Sunshine Coast Mosque”.


‘Hundreds of people protesting against a mosque on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast (which lies about an hour’s drive north of Brisbane, the state Capital – CM) have come to verbal blows with the building’s supporters, with about 20 police separating the emotionally-charged groups.

“Verbal blows” are not physical blows.  And the reporter does not specify who said what to whom, and in what tone; if there was argument, or insult, one wants to know who initiated it.  Not recording, not reporting in proper detail, is bad reporting. – CM

SCN_24-09-2014_EGN_03_SCN200914PROTESTam_fct1025x768x9.0_t460‘More than 200 anti-Muslim demonstrators shook placards stating “Islam is plotting our destruction” (cf. the lapidary statement by Joseph Schacht in his tome “An Introduction to Islamic Law” – “the basis of the Islamic attitude towards unbelievers is the law of war: they must be either converted, or subjugated, or killed”; or the equally lapidary formulation penned by Conor Cruise O’Brien in his 1995 article for “The Independent”, entitled “The Lesson of Algeria: Islam is Indivisible”: to wit, that “The Prophet Mohamed did not offer his followers a chance to live in harmony with their neighbours.  He taught them to fight their neighbours, if they were unbelievers, and kill them, or beat them into submission. And it is futile to say of those Muslims who faithfully follow those teachings today, that their actions are “not intrinsically related to Islam”. – CM) and “Australia, We Have a Problem” (oh, we do, we do! and how! At least half a million resident Muslims, constantly demanding to be flattered and fawned upon, petted and stroked, and accommodated and given special treatment and consideration, and amongst whom the jihad plots are hatching and from whose midst the fanatically-jihad-minded are emerging ever more rapidly and in increasing numbers. – CM) at the site of the planned mosque, on Church Street in Maroochydore.

For more on that central site – which was, foolishly, sold to the Muslims by the local Uniting Church, and which is right next door to the Stella Maris Catholic Church (whose resident priest ought to be alarmed, but is not) and within walking distance of St Peter’s Anglican Church, see the report in the Sunshine Coast Daily:

Muslims buy site for first Sunshine Coast mosque

“…The block, formerly owned by the Uniting Church, was bought under the hammer at auction on September 4 and is next to the Catholic Church and not far down the street from the Anglican Church….Maroochydore parish priest Father Joe Duffy has extended his potential new neighbours a warm welcome, saying he was “looking forward to the inter-faith street party”.

Has our enthusiastic Fr Duffy, so happy to see a mosque move in next door, been paying any attention at all to what Muslims have been doing and have done to Christians – and to churches – in (inter alia) Sudan, Iran, Pakistan, Bangladesh, parts of Indonesia, Malaysia, Central African Republic, Somalia, Uganda, Kenya, northern Nigeria, Egypt, Syria and Iraq, of late?   Fortunately, as we shall see, not all the local Christians are as ignorant or wilfully blind as he is.  Now, back to the ABC.

The protestors said they were concerned the site could become a hub of radicalisation (sic: a hotbed of armed jihad  plots – CM) threatening the local community.

They are right. – CM

“I’m not for it anywhere in Australia”, a man who called himself Aussie Ron told the ABC.

‘One Nation state president, Jim Savage, who said he had two adopted Asian daughters, said he was not a religious bigot nor a racist.

“This is nothing to do with race”, he said.

Correct. – CM

“What Muslim [sic: Islam? – CM] preaches violates the laws of my country.  It is an ideological, political organisation wrapped up in a very thin skin of religion”.

That is one quite valid way of seeing it. Or one could look at the doings of Mohammed and his companions, faithfully imitated today by the likes of Islamic State jihadis, and identify it as a Death Cult, a religion that sacralises and ritualises murder, rape and robbery so long as the victims fit the approved profile (non-Muslim, or the wrong kind or degree of Muslim). – CM

“I ask anybody to name any Western country in the world where there had been a large influx of Muslims where they have seen an improvement and have not seen social issues.”

Pakistani-born Justin Albert (who, to judge from his name, is a Pakistani Christian – CM) warned of experiences of oppression in his native country.

Oppression of non-Muslims, by the circumambient Muslims. – CM

“Chopping their heads, it is their Jihad”, he said.  “I know their deeds.  No more mosque in Australia.  One day, you will see, they will kill you.

He knows, this Pakistani Christian who now, with dismay, sees his safe and peaceful refuge, Australia, being invaded by the very same Muslims who made his life and that of all other non-Muslims a misery, in Pakistan. He knows. He’s trying to tell us, to warn us.  If only the likes of Premier Campbell Newman and all the other fools, not excluding Fr Duffy of the Stella Maris Catholic Church in Maroochydore, would be willing to listen to him, and believe him. – CM

‘More than 50 pro-mosque demonstrators tried to shout down the anti-mosque group, calling them bigots and ignorant.

How dare these Useful Idiots say things like that about someone like Justin Albert! (And, as we shall see from another of the Sunshine Coast Daily reports, Mr Albert was by no means the only non-Muslim refugee from a Muslim-dominated land, who was present at the rally, opposing the mosque and trying desperately to raise the alarm.) – CM

‘They riled their opponents further by singing the national anthem and other iconic national songs.

“You’ve never read anything”, one pro-mosque protestor taunted the angry mob.

S/he did not, and does not, know that.  In fact, as we shall see, more than one among the opponents of the mosque were quite familiar with the contents of the Quran.  It is precisely because they have read things, and used their intelligence, that they are opposing the mosque. And because they are willing to heed the warnings of people like Justin Albert. – CM

‘Another promoter, who did not release his name, said there needed to be more education.

More pro-Islam propaganda?  Really? We’ve had a gutful of that already; the ABC falls over itself to supply us with sugar-coated nonsense about Islam and Muslims. Articles full of half-truths, evasions and outright lies about the sharia; doe-eyed hijabettes telling us how wonderful it is to wear the Slave Rag; puff-pieces about Ramadan…  – CM

“The Sunshine Coast Muslim community has existed here for over 30 years, guys, and no-one has even batted an eyelid” he said.

That’s because there are, I would say, a lot more Muslims on the Sunshine Coast in 2014 than there were in 1984.  And I’ll bet that back in 1984, or 1994, most people – unless they were church people involved in Christian mission work in Muslim-majority lands – didn’t know enough about Islam, to be worried.  This protest, here, in 2014, is happening because a paradigm shift is occurring; as the Global Jihad accelerates and comes ever closer to home and becomes ever more pervasive and violent, as one gets attack after attack after attack, plot after plot, the most curious and intelligent and independent-minded non-Muslims, in Australia and all kinds of other places, have gone off and done their homework. They’ve found out about Islam. They’ve read the Quran.  Some will have visited sites like MEMRI, or just watched Muslims – lots and lots of Muslims, from all over – ranting on Youtube. They’ve been listening to the testimony of people like Justin Albert; and some, because of the increased and increasingly aggressive presence of Muslims in the area, will have had bruising personal experiences of Muslim duplicity, Muslim aggression, Muslim antisemitism, Muslim conspiracy-mindedness. They’ve been joining the dots, and they don’t like what they see. – CM

 “I think it’s just a lack of education at the end of the day, guys.”

No, mate, not necessarily. Sometimes, the more you learn about somebody or something, the less you like them or it.  And that is the case, with Muslims and Islam, if the person doing the learning has even a modicum of commonsense. – CM

“Education, if people could sit down I would have a chat with every single person here at the end of the day, if they would love to, and I could teach them a few things on the truth of Islam (sic: is this person a Muslim?  CM), the truth of these Muslim people.”

Good luck with trying to fool Justin Albert, Christian, formerly from Pakistan, into believing that he has nothing to fear from Muslims, and Islam. – CM

‘The protest comes just days after a mosque was rejected by the Gold Coast Council, which cited a lack of parking, noise issues, and community concern.”

From what I could discover from googlemaps, quite apart from everything else parking is going to be a very big issue at the Maroochydore site, too, although it isn’t mentioned in the articles I’ve seen. 

And now to personages no less than the Queensland Premier and the leader of the Opposition, telling those opposed to the mosque that they shouldn’t be opposing it, and to stop bothering their pretty little heads.  ABC again, Andree Withey and Saskia Edwards reporting. (And then we shall have a look at some interesting stuff from the local paper). – CM

‘Sunshine Coast Mosque Protest Condemned by Premier Campbell-Newman”.

‘An anti-mosque protest on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast has been condemned by Premier Campbell-Newman and the Opposition Leader.

Fools. Dhimmis. – CM

‘On Saturday more than 200 anti-Muslim demonstrators descended on the site of the planned mosque on Church Street, Maroochydore, yelling abuse (most of the statements I read in the assorted articles read less like “abuse” and more like attempts to describe and warn against what Islam does and has done to non-Muslims – CM) and shaking placards such as “Islam is plotting our destruction” and “Australia we have a problem”…

“The outpouring of concern came just days after a mosque further south, on the Gold Coast, was rejected by the local council.

‘Supporters of the mosque (who were, I am pleased to say, greatly outnumbered by its opponents – CM) also went to the site yesterday to try to counter the protest, and the warring groups (my dear ABC: why the inflammatory language?  could you not write “the opposing groups” or, “the two sides” ? – CM) had to be separated by about 20 police.

Note. This paragraph tries to suggest that a full-scale riot or brawl was barely avoided.  However, the reports in the Sunshine Coast Daily, which see below, and certain of the reader comments, by persons who were in fact present, make it clear that  physical violence was not threatened; that although the language may have been somewhat heated and voices loud, basic civilities were preserved.  I do not like what the ABC is doing in this report; because it borders on outright misrepresentation. – CM

‘Premier Campbell Newman said the protest was unacceptable.

Really? Why?  You may think that preventing a mosque from being built, is an offence against freedom of religion.  But what if there were a lethal religion, a religion that held that all non-members qua non-members were fair game, and that if they would not join, they could be subjugated, robbed, raped, enslaved, or even killed, at will, as means and opportunity presented?  What then? – CM

“This is a time when we should all be rallying together”, he said.

While ISIS grows, and grows, and grows, uttering ever more blood-curdling threats against the entire non-Muslim world, and Boko Haram rampages through northern Nigeria burning down churches, and the number of raped-and-pimped infidel girls in the UK runs into the thousands, and Al Shabaab is beheading Christians in Somalia, and Asia Bib sits on Death Row in Pakistani because she said she liked Jesus better than Mohammed?  Is this a time to be rallying round the Muslims in our midst, and pretending that people whose scripture tells them they can lie to us, and whose Quran tells them repeatedly that they must not befriend us, except feigningly and temporarily, are wonderful folks, and just like everybody else? – CM

“This is a wonderful multicultural nation, a wonderful multicultural state, and people have lived in harmony here for over 150 years.

I think that’s a bit of an overstatement, myself.  But certainly the past 100 years haven’t been too bad.  And the one thing that is quite, quite clear is that there were – considered as a percentage of the population – really very,very few Muslims in the mix in Queensland, or in Australia in general, right up until the late 1970s, which was when we foolishly admitted thousands upon thousands of Lebanese Muslim ‘refugees’. And the general absence or wholly minimal – and therefore low-profile – presence of Muslims is one of the reasons why we’ve all been able to rub along.  Because all the other cultures and ethnicities present in Queensland, and in Australia generally, have a basic grasp of the principle of reciprocity, and of Agreement, they can manage to find a modus vivendi.  But Islam seeks total domination, refuses reciprocity, and reserves the right to break all Agreements made with Infidels. The Ummah is therefore unable and unwilling to accept to live peacefully side by side on merely equal terms with anybody not-Muslim. – CM

“That’s the way it should continue”.

It won’t, Premier Newman, if we keep on importing more and more and more Muslims. – CM

‘Opposition Leader Annastacia Palaszczuk said migrants helped shape Australia and respect should be shown.

The overwhelming majority of all previous migrants were not Muslims.  Muslim migrants have been an entirely different kettle of fish.  And if Ms Palaszczuk knew anything at all about the contempt with which the Quran, Sira and Hadith speak of the dirty unbelievers, not to mention the fact that there are many, many Muslim preachers who urge Muslims to actively hate non-Muslims, she might think again about who and what should be shown respect. – CM

“We have been built on migrants coming to our country, and building the country that we stand on today”, she said. “We must have respect and dignity for everyone”.

Respect and dignity is just what non-Muslims in majority-Muslim countries, such as Pakistan, do not receive from Muslims.  Indeed, the dhimma system was and is expressly designed to degrade and humiliate non-Muslims, vis a vis Muslims.  And these Muslims who have settled on the Sunshine Coast read exactly the same Quran, Sira and Hadith, and admire exactly the same warlord and slave-taker, Mohammed, as do the Muslims of Pakistan, or anywhere else. 

“And we need to make sure we create an inclusive community”.

I don’t see much signs of inclusiveness in Iraq these days, as the revivalist Sunni Muslims of Islamic State set to work to drive out the Christians and every other kind of remnant non-Muslim or wrong-sect Muslim.  Nor do I see it in Pakistan or Bangladesh, or Malaysia, as the numbers of indigenous non-Muslims steadily drops due to ongoing harassment and bullying – and worse – from the Muslims.

But now to the local paper, to see what the ABC left out.

First, from 20th September, Mark Furler and Kathy Sundstrom reporting.

‘Mosque Protestors Warn of “Beheadings” At Rally”.

“A dozen police had to keep anti-mosque protesters and supporters apart at an emotion-charged rally on the Sunshine Coast today.

“More than 500 people – about 80 percent of them against the Islamic mosque – converged on land near the Stella Maris Catholic Church, to protest the mosque plan.

‘Supporters of the mosque sang iconic Australian tunes, prompting outrage from a few of the anti-mosque movement.

‘Streets around the protest were blocked off by police, while plain-clothes and uniformed police had to repeatedly warn anti-mosque  protesters to tone down their comments and anger.

‘An equally vocal contingent of young people defended the right of Islamic people to set up their own church (sic – CM) saying that Australia was a democratic country.

These foolish youngsters need to read ex-Muslim Sam Solomon’s little book “The Mosque and Its Role in Society” and get a clue. A mosque is nothing at all like a church. It is closer to being a fort or military base, than anything else. - CM

‘But protesters accused the youth of being “bussed in” from the Gold Coast, with some even resorting to insults over their university fees.

‘The situation became repeatedly heated as supporters of the mosque tried to convince opponents that most Islamic people were peace-loving and represented no threat to Australia’s way of life.

They were obviously not paying attention to the Pakistani Christian. – CM

‘Opponents, however, warned of beheadings, the introduction of sharia law, the loss of rights for women, and the undermining of the Australian way of life.

All real and valid fears. Again, it is the ex-Muslim, Sam Solomon, who explains the danger most clearly, in his book “Al Hijra: The Islamic Doctrine of Immigration”, outlining how Mohammed’s infiltration and takeover of Yathrib (now known as Medina) is the template for Muslim infiltration, subversion, Islamisation and erasure of non-Muslim “host” societies. Ex-Muslim Patrick Sookhdeo’s book “Islam in Britain” is a case study of that very process at work in real-time, today, in modern Britain.  And anyone in Australia or Canada or New Zealand or any other non-Muslim society that, as yet, has an as-yet relatively small – but expanding – Muslim presence, and who has taken the trouble to observe what is going on in France and the UK should be deeply disturbed.  – CM

‘Those supporting the mosque were told to ‘go back where you came from’ repeatedly by the more vocal minority in the crowd.

Not on point, as most of the supporters seem to have been local non-Muslim Aussie Useful Idiots.  But possibly in this context ‘go back where you came from’ was meant to imply that they were not Sunshine Coast locals but do-gooder outsiders pokiing in noses where not wanted. – CM

‘At one point police were booed as they ordered a protester to get down from a stage as he spoke of beheadings and his fears over a mosque.

‘Protesters questioned what happened to freedom of speech in Australia.

‘The crowd cheered as supporters lifted the man onto their shoulders so he could continue speaking.

Why was his name not given?  In one of the ABC reports I have discussed above it is the Pakistani Christian, Justin Albert, who speaks of Muslims engaging in “head chopping” during Jihad.  So was this speaker, whom the police tried to silence, Justin Albert, from Pakistan? – CM

‘Among those protesting the mosque were One Nation, Christian bikie gangs, opponents of halal meat certification, as well as representatives from some local churches…

In other words, quite a mixed bag, really. – CM

“Some of those supporting the mosque accused Christians of showing more hate than love, while opponents said it was their right to defend Australia’s Christian heritage.

‘One elderly man brought with him a Koran, challenging the young people to read it, asking whether they really knew what was in it, or what the Islamic faith stood for.

Was he for or against the mosque?  This is very bad reporting, in that we are not told which. – CM

‘Supporters challenged the Christians to get to know more Islamic people, saying they would realize they were peaceful people.

‘Many protesters though voiced fears that those setting up an Islamic church [sic; why not just write – “those setting up a mosque”? – CM] would be “nice now” but would “stab people in the back” before long and try to take over the community.

And from 6 am on the Saturday:

‘While a Catholic priest has welcomed the idea of a mosque in Maroochydore, at least one other Sunshine Coast pastor will be joining Saturday’s protest.

Benny Tan from History Maker Church at Kawana has urged people to oppose the mosque as he warns it is “just the thin edge of the wedge”.

“Pastor Tan grew up in an Islamic country and says “don’t allow apathy and complacency to rob you for [sic: of – CM] your future liberty and dignity.

‘He posted on his Facebook page urging people to “wake up”.

“As the old saying goes, this is just the thin edge of the wedge….you give them an inch and they will grab a mile”, he said.

“Pastor Tan said it wasn’t about what Muslims believed, it was about “do we want Islamic prayers blaring all over the Coast five times a day, starting from around 5 am and finishing around 7 pm daily?”

‘This is in response to reassurances from the Muslim Organisation of the Sunshine Coast that there would be no loudspeakers used for the call to prayer, as is the case at other mosques.

That’s just a ploy to win us over and because they are smaller in numbers. But as they grow in numbers and in confidence, you try to stop them then, “Pastor Tan said. “You’ll be bulldozed over like dust.

“On what authority do I say this?  I lived over 20 years in an Islamic country and have experienced all this first-hand”.

It is a very great pity that the local Maroochydore Anglicans, Catholics, and Uniting Church appear unwilling to heed the warnings of Pastor Tan, or of the other non-Muslim escapee from a Muslim land, the Pakistani Justin Albert. They are quoted next, and it is plain they have not done their homework. – CM

‘Father Joe Duffy, the Maroochydore parish priest, called for calm as tension between protesters was already running high on social media.  “People can protest, and if Muslims want to get together and pray, that’s their right” he said. “I believe protesters are not objecting froma  religion point of view, but from a political point of view. People are mixing the religion and political together”.

That is because they are having to work out how to deal with Islam.  In Islam there is no separation at all between the religious and the political. It is a total and totalitarian system. – CM

“Anybody who comes tomorrow and doesn’t behave in a calm and peaceful manner is denying Christ.”

“I still think the Muslims have done the right thing. They bought the block of land in the CBD.  Nobody can object to them praying according to the by-laws of the regional council.”

They are going to build right next to your church, mate, for much the same reasons that a bully sits down right next to the skinny-looking guy in the bar and mugs in his face.  Here’s a Jewish geographer, Seth J Frantzman, in an article entitled “Minarets, Geography and Power”, discussing the placement of mosques in the landscape; and projection of power vis a vis the non-Muslims has a great deal to do with it.

“A survey of historical placement of mosques in important cities and newly-conquered Muslim lands, as well as a survey of the placement of mosques in diverse neighbourhoods, shows that their placement is anything but random, and that strikingly often they are built next to the houses of prayer or the neighbourhoods of non-Muslims..”

“The mosque and its minaret are symbols of power…(It would be interesting to know whether the Muslims in Maroochydore plan to instal a minaret, and if so, how high it will be – CM).

“The building of mosques is not always an expression of power, but historically and today in mixed communities mosques are constructed with a view toward the non-Muslim other….Many of them have a history and geographical placement that is not coincidental and which serves as an expression of political Islam and its aspirations.” END QUOTE.

‘The Anglican Church, which also worships in Church Street, said the issue was “a local council planning matter that should not be confused with problems overseas”.

But the Muslims who will gather at that mosque will read from and take deeply to heart exactly the same Quran – and Sira and Hadith – as do all those Muslims who are busy oppressing and persecuting non-Muslims – notably Christians – overseas. – CM

‘Australia is a place where religion can be practised freely, and we should always support people in our community who want to live as good neighbours”, the spokesman said.

Can you be 100 percent sure that the Muslims in your midst will always be and live as good neighbours? – CM

“The best way to move forward as good neighbours is to respect each other, include each other, and work together for the good of the community”.

But what happens if what the Muslims define as good is not what everyone else defines as good? – CM

‘The Uniting Church in Brisbane, who sold the land to the Muslim Organisation under the hammer at auction, explained the property was a “professional office space”.

“The new owners can use it how they see fit”, Queensland Synod moderator, Reverend Kaye Ronalds, said.

“The Uniting Church is active in interfaith work”.

I do not think you should have sold that land to the Muslims.  You should have sold it to anyone else but.   And if the opposition is overridden, and if this mosque is built, then I think that one day you and the people in Maroochydore will bitterly regret that sale. 

The Sunshine Coast Daily permitted Comments.  

Here are probably the pick of the bunch. First, “Stu 777” replying to a useful idiot who thinks that those opposed to mosques are fear-mongers and ignorant – “Have you been to Lakemba recently? Have you ever lived near a mosque?  Here’s a little challenge for you. Take a trip to Sydney, and walk the streets of Lakemba and adjoining suburbs where the Islamic population is growing.  Take out a notebook, and make some observations, comparing Lakemba to Maroochydore. Then come back and tell us more about “hatred from the media, and fear mongering”.

And “dazzat”, of Sippy Downs, “Went to the rally and the amazing thing was the utter diversity amongst those who oppose the mosque.  Young, old, teenagers, tradies, professionals, rich,not-so-rich, people from Asian countries, people from Middle Eastern countries, white skin, dark skin, bikies in full leathers, ex-servicemen, long-time locals, those new to the area, parents, singles, all represented and unified.  You see, the press, including the Daily, attempt to pigeon-hole all those who oppose this totalitarian ideology from establishing a foothold in such a strategic place on the Sunshine Coast. But you can’t.  People of all persuasions have seen what is happening around the world, have seent he impact of mosques in places like Sydney, and have made a rational, informed decision. The most interesting aspect of those who support the mosque, is (that) there seemed to be very few Islamic people. (They were standing back and letting their dhimmi proxies do all the heavy lifting – CM)  From what I could see, those who support the mosque are mostly younger people – and I believe most are university students (as they liked to tell us who educated they are).”

Another poster had this to say: “Mr Tan grew up in Malaysia and has first-hand experience of how a mosque and the leaders of Islam seek to dominate and control a region.  I spoke with other people from countries where Islam is more dominant who say the same…they were present and against the building of the mosque”.

And, providing a counter to the sensationalised reporting from the ABC and even the Daily, this poster, who had attended, said, “I was at the demonstration and it was generally pretty peaceful but very vocal at times.  There were quite a number of uniformed police and surprisingly also plain clothes detectives..I don’t know why so many police were rostered or remained there…So the anit-mosque folk way outnumberred the few opposing this…[i.e pro-mosque opposing anti-mosque – CM]. One [pro-mosque] displayed a banner suggesting “tolerance” which I found completely ironic as there is not much of this shown in Muslim countries…So there we are, the proposed location of the mosque is very provocative in between 2 Christian churches and on the main road.  Perosnally I don’t think it should be built there, and to be honest, I don’t think the coast should have any mosque until the local Muslims can guarantee that no sharia law and anti-western preachings will take place, as has been happening in Sydney and elsewhere. I don’t think they will be able to give that guarantee”.

Finally, another piece from the Daily, the day after, as reported by one Scott Sawyer.

“Weekend clash just the beginning: anti-mosque protesters”.

It wasn’t a ‘clash’. It never came to blows, not anywhere near. It was, shall we say, going by accounts of those who were there, a very loud argument. – CM

‘Anti-mosque protesters have vowed to escalate the campaign, following ugly clashes between them and pro-mosque campaigners on the streets of Maroochydore yesterday.

“Insults were traded and tempers flared (Insults? So far as I can see, those opposing the mosque issued strong – but fact-based, experience-based – warnings about the nature and goals of Islam and the Ummah, or Mohammedan mob. – CM) as about 500 people – most of them opposed to the mosque plans – faced off outside the proposed site in Church Street.

‘Restore Australia chief executive Mike Holt said the protest was not a one-off and more action would be taken until the mosque proposal was scrapped.  “There’ll definitely be more protests”, Mr Holt said.  “There will be more. We’re just deciding what to do next. We won’t stop until we stop the mosque”.

I wonder whether they have visited UK campaigner Gavin Boby’s “Law and Freedom Foundation” website?  In a way, they are starting from behind.  The time to stop this mosque was back before the Muslims bought the land.  I wonder when the local Council became aware of the plans to use the site as a mosque?  – CM

‘Uniformed and plain-clothes police officers kept  a close eye on the crowd, at one stage ordering an anti-mosque protester from the stage as he began to speak of beheadings and fears over a mosque.

‘The pro-mosque crowd was predominantly younger people, some students, who took to the streets to vent their frustration at perceived narrow-minded attitudes towards Muslims, while the anti-mosque group was more of a cross-section, with many older members of the community joined by a large number of young people eager to preserve the Coast’s identity. 

The presence of those other, wiser young people, joining their elders to resist Islamisation, is very heartening to see. – CM

‘Among the most vocal was born-and-bred Sunshine Coast man Greg, 22, who warned a mosque would threaten the Coast’s way of life. “This is the Sunshine Coast and this is Australia and I’m not going to stand by and let a mosque be built here, where they degrade our women and our culture, ” he said. “This is Australia. This isn’t a place for them to come and take over our culture and our country.  I just think it’s disgusting that people stand here and support a religion they have no idea about.  They obviously haven’t read the Koran. The Koran states that any infidels should have their heads chopped off, that our women should be raped, stuff like that, you know. That’s disgusting.”

‘Coast resident and New Zealand native Peter, 74, who did not want to provide his surname, said the site had to be opposed as it posed a threat to the Coast community. “I think having a mosque here is a threat when you look at what is happening around the world today – they’re still killing Christians, burning churches, killing Jews, and I believe that if you trace back the life of Muhammad, you’ll see that he destroyed, killed, and everything else”, Peter said..“No, I just think that deep down the religion (Islam) itself teaches hatred.

True dat. – CM

It’s a disgusting religion. I’m in the Catholic church over the road and I’d hate to think it was opposite. It’s evil and I’m totally against it”.

Let’s hope that Peter can manage to educate his parish priest, Fr Duffy!  But now, cue a Useful Idiot.

Passions ran just as high in the pro-mosque camp, where David Knobel, 29, was adamant Australia had the capacity to be a tolerant, multicultural nation.

Sure. So long as Islam isn’t in the mix. – CM

“I believe that this (protest) isn’t about Islam, this is about bigotry”, Mr Knobel said. “They’re (the anti-mosque group) protesting because they’re bigots, and we don’t like bigots”.

So Mr Tan and Mr Albert, of Malaysia and Pakistan respectively, warning non-Muslim Australians on the basis of their own extensive and bruising experience as members of persecuted minorities within Muslim lands, are bigots? – CM

“We believe that Australia should be a tolerant nation. We believe that it should be a multicultural nation, and we wanted to stand up in counter-protest to what they’re having to say, because it’s really just ignorance”.

Ignorance? Mr Knobel, I’ve read the Quran, and I’ve read a good modern account of the life of Mohammed, referenced at every point from canonical Islamic texts, and I’ve read Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Nonie Darwish and Patrick Sookhdeo, and I say that what the opponents of the mosque were saying all has a basis in cold hard fact. The facts of the content of Islamic scriptures and doctrines; the facts of Islamic history; the fact of what Muslims do to non-Muslims wherever and whenever they gain ascendancy over them. – CM

‘What’s been proposed here (the mosque) is not anything to do with terrorism, it’s not anything to do with the beheadings, it’s not anything to do with ISIS.”

Really? It’s a mosque, mate. It’s a Muslim meeting place, and they will be reading and teaching from the same Quran as ISIS does.  Ever read Surah 47.4? That’s the one that tells Muslims to “strike at the necks” of the non-Muslims; beheading is normative Islamic practice during jihad.  I don’t suppose you ever heard about the UK documentary, Undercover Mosque? Or Undercover Mosque, the Return? Or about a Czech doco called “I, Muslim”??  In all of those, a bit of basic undercover reporting showed that what goes on inside a mosque, what is said inside a mosque, by Muslims to one another, when they think no prying unbeliever can hear what they say, is very different from – and much uglier than – what they might say in public to the likes of you, on a mosque “Open Day” when they’re busy doing dawa and Damage Control.  In every Muslim land, the mobs that attack the non-Muslim minority neighbourhoods, issue from the mosques and are directed from the mosques. Are you 100 percent sure that a jihad plot will not be hatched in this Maroochydore mosque, sooner or later?  Are you 100 percent sure that it will not, one day, be a safe house for someone setting out to mass-murder Aussie infidels?   – CM

‘They are whipping up frear and hatred in the community, and we want to stand up in solidarity with our Muslim friends”.

Your Muslim friends? Are you sure – 100 percent sure – that they are your friends?  You do know that the Quran – and other Islamic texts – repeatedly warns Muslims against befriending the unbelievers? 

And another useful Idiot, one Rhea Abraham:

Rhea Abraham, 26, an atheist, was brought to tears by yesterday’s events, and said the Muslim community needed support, not further alienation.

Oh, poor little persecuted petals…cry me a river, silly girl. You’d do better to cry for those 200 Nigerian schoolgirls who’ve been kidnapped and are being raped, force-“married”, tormented, abused, degraded and murdered, all of it in strict conformity to the practice of warlord and slave-trader Mohammed and his companions and successors.  Or for the 1400 English girls, many of them as young as 11 or 12, who’ve been systematically “groomed”, raped, tormented and prostituted by Muslim gangs in Britain.  Muslims who felt entitled to do as they did because of the misogyny – and the boundless contempt for non-Muslims qua non-Muslms – that is hardwired into Islam. – CM

“By protesting and showing them (the Muslim community) so much hatred, you are doing exactly that (driving them to radicalism)” she said.

So resisting Jihad causes…Jihad? – CM

“You’re pushing any moderates who are sitting on the fence the other way. You’re pushing anybody with a good heart and a godo mind on them away, and you’re showing them that they’re not welcome.

“If we don’t associate the KKK (Ku Klux Klan) with Christianity, why should we associate ISIL or ISIS for that matter, with Islam?”…

Because the analogy doesn’t apply.  It is easy to see, from looking at the person of Jesus in the gospels, and his teachings, and comparing them with what the deeds and sayings of the KKK, that the actions and teachings of the KKK are not consonant with the person and teachings of Jesus. Whereas the actions and sayings of the Islamic State jihadis are – if one looks closely into the subject – perfectly consonant with the figure of Mohammed as depicted in the canonical texts of Islam, and with the core doctrines of Islam as also set down in those texts.  That is: the KKK are not Christian, but the Islamic State is, well, Islamic. – CM


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