The Problem With JIM

JIM, in case you don’t know it yet, stands for Jihad, Islam & Muslims…..

Germany plans to throw more money at it:

Dear Leader Knows Best:

Obama Rejects ‘Best Military Advice’ in Fighting ISIS

That’s because of his astounding competence.

(Weekly Standard) In deciding how to destroy ISIS, President Obama has rejected the “best military advice.” The advice was recently given to the commander in chief from his military leaders.

That’s why Turkey should never be part of NATO:

Turkey refuses US use of bases for ISIS attacks

ANKARA: Turkey will refuse to allow a US-led coalition to attack jihadists in neighbouring Iraq and Syria from its air bases, nor will it take part in combat operations against militants, a government official told AFP Thursday. […]

Islam breeds mindless killer zombies:

If further proof is needed that these barbaric ISIS animals are turning their young children into mini-monsters, then this is probably the most evidence we will ever need. In a startling picture just released by Live Leak, a young child is seen with a knife cutting the neck of a man who is  bound and laying on the ground.

[GRAPHIC] Young ISIS Children Photographed Beheading PeopleThis isn’t the first photo like this to surface. Recently, the son of an Australian ISIS militant posing with a severed head was posted by his proud father on social media.

USA: 12 months ago 2 Coptic Christians were beheaded and buried by a Muslim and there were no media reports.

While the national media covers the Oscar Pistorius murder case wall to wall, the gruesome murder and beheading of two Coptic Christians by a Muslim has been blacked out.

The MESA NOSTRA and the case of Steven Salaita:

University of Illinois Palestinian professor, sacked for his unprofessional tweets, demands he is given his job back

(Illinois) American-born Steven Salaita, a professor of Jordanian and Palestinian parents at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, was sacked the other week due to his open (and very public) hostility towards Israel.  Has demanded — yes,demanded — that the university reinstate him, by defending his vapid tweets against everybody bar Islamic terrorists by citing free speech and academic freedom.