"Traitors who deserve death”


Tim Blair

Several of our homesick jihadi friends are now Islamic State prisoners:

Five British ISIS fighters have been locked up in a Syria torture camp after pleading to be allowed to return home because they had become disillusioned with the self-proclaimed Islamic State.

The Express reports that the men have been nicknamed the “cream puff brigade” after being branded as “traitors” and sent to a detention centre in the city of Raqqa – the de facto ISIS capital. They are now reportedly being “mistreated on a daily basis”.

The volunteers, who are believed to have become sick of the brutality shown by some of their fellow fighters, are now “considered traitors who deserve death”, according to German magazine Focus.

This is working out better than anyone could have expected – although there is a precedent:

It is not the first time Westernised “jihadists” have become disillusioned.

German intelligence sources revealed in 2010 how one gang had become the laughing stock of the Taliban because they missed their mums while training at a terror camp in Pakistan.


From the US State Department:

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UPDATE. “The folks at Foggy Bottom seem to have missed the whole point about groups like ISIS,” emails A.R.M. Jones. “Their adherents like to butcher people, and they don’t really care who. A better approach, for my money, is to show them what awaits (if Obama ever gets his finger out). Show them brave wannabe martyrs running for their livesin vain when an Apache shows up.”

A London university has been contacted by a group of 30 British jihadis who would like to return to the UK, but fear being jailed—MIRROR.CO.UK|BY JESSICA BEST
A London university? Isn’t that where most of the recruiters are?