"We are here, we are here to stay, nothing you can do about it, kaffir….!


Would-be immigrants arrive on a boat inNearly 15,000 illegal immigrants who have been ordered to leave Norway by authorities are continuing to stay, according to a report by The Local. The whereabouts of the vast majority are unknown, causing problems for police and immigration services.

Legal notification to leave Norway has been served to nearly 15,000 illegal immigrants by the National Police Immigration Service Norway (Politiets Utlendingsenhet or PU), but they have stayed beyond the deadline. Five thousand of the foreigners are currently in Norwegian asylum reception facilities, but the whereabouts of the remainder are unknown.

Australia we have a problem:

We have a problem:

A FLAG used by Islamic State terrorists responsible for thousands of murders across Iraq and Syria, including the execution of two Western journalists, has been auctioned at a Sydney mosque packed with families and young children.–The video of the auction here.

A despicable whore for the Muslim vote:

Labor frontbencher Tony Burke trashes Israel: 

TONY Burke has reignited the clash in Labor over the Middle East by saying Jewish settlements in the West Bank are a ploy to block a two-state solution, and are “trashing” the drinking water of Palestinians.

Mr Burke said anyone who supported Israel’s bombing UN compounds in Gaza was “on the wrong side of that argument”.

An important detail missing from this report:

Labor frontbencher Tony Burke, for instance, represents the Sydney seat of Watson, which now has an astonishing 20 per cent of Muslim voters.

Labor is pandering to a religious minority which is helping it to hold key marginal seats. In exchange it is betraying our principles and our allies, and feeding a dangerous sense of victimhood among jihad-sympathisers only too keen to believe that Jews and the West are the real terrorists.–Tony Burke betrays not just Israel but Australia, read it all.