Belgium to "deprive those who go to fight abroad of their citizenship and residency"

Belgium plans to revoke foreign fighters’ citizenship
Belgium is planning legislation to “deprive those who go to fight abroad of their citizenship and residency”….
Good on them if they can see this through. Nobody should prevent them from going, but they must not be allowed back under any circumstances:
Belgium plans to revoke foreign fighters' citizenship

Belgium’s new coalition government proposes to deny citizenship and residency for those who fight abroad

World Bulletin/News Desk

Belgium is planning legislation to deprive those who go to fight abroad of their citizenship and residency, the new coalition government announced Friday. Under the proposals, those without Belgian citizenship could be denied entry to the country while those with dual nationality could lose their Belgian citizenship.

Looks like Canada is doing that already:

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WTF is “occupied?”

British lawmakers will next week hold a symbolic parliamentary vote on whether the government should recognize Palestine as a state. Palestinians believe Britain bears a unique role in their plight, as it ran a colonial mandate over what is now Israel and “occupied Palestinian lands“.

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Of course not. But Obama has no interest to destroy the Islamic state….

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Israel retaliates to Hezbollah aggression

 (Israel) There’s never a quite moment for Israel when it comes to its neighbours. Which is why 2 bombs exploded yesterday injuring 2 soldiers in the Har Dov region near Israel’s border with Lebanon. Yup, it seems that Hezbollah, not happy with all the blood they are letting in their little bun fight with Sunni Muslims in Syria, decided to spill some more in Israel.  In retaliation, the IDF lobbed around 30 artillery shells onto predetermined targets in Lebanon.