From diversity to defeat

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From diversity to defeat

Soldiers have just been given a like it or lump it pay deal that sees their real wages cut and leave entitlements stripped. The blokes who send them off to war, however, have received pay increases of more than 140% the average Digger’s wage over the last two decades.

That’s pretty insulting at the best times.

But we are not living in the best of times. Our military personnel are off on the other side of the world trying to contain the Islamic State. And they’ve been off doing similar things since 2001.

And the soldiers have done their jobs well.

They haven’t lost a battle. They’ve achieved their missions. They’ve fought bravely.

But the wars have failed.

And if the wars have failed even though the soldiers have done their part, the blame must fall on the dudes who designed the strategy. That’s the dudes at the top: the politicians and the generals …


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