Fury over council's decision not to name Woolwich memorial after Lee Rigby in case it offends Islamic savages

What a disgrace! The depravity of the British establishment is breathtaking. They hobnob with Mohammedans and proudly display their brown noses while denying the victims of jihad the honour of a memorial. People who sink that low deserve to be named and shamed, and the time  can’t come soon enough  when the table is turned on them.

  • Greenwich Council decided not to name memorial after murdered fusilier 
  • Site will be dedicated to ‘all servicemen and women in Woolwich’ instead 
  • Move comes amid fears a Lee Rigby memorial will offend Islamist extremists  

A council has decided not to name a memorial at the site of Lee Rigby’s death after the murdered fusilier for fear it may offend Islamic fanatics.

Campaigners urged Greenwich Council to build a commemorative site for the man who was murdered by two extremists in the street last year.

But after agreeing to their demands, officials revealed it would not be named after the 25-year-old for fear it could lead to more religious attacks.

Instead, an inscription will read: ‘To commemorate all those servicemen and woman who have served or lived in Woolwich and who gave given their lives.’

Critics blasted the decision as ‘disgusting’ last night, urging officials to ‘stand up’ to violent extremists.

‘It’s disgusting. People outraged by that day need somewhere to go to think about what happened to Lee and his family,’ Cheryl Spruce told the Sun.

Lorna Taylor, another campaigner, added: ‘The council has feared a Lee Rigby memorial will be attacked. But there will always be extremists and we need to stand up to them.’

Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale were jailed for a minimum of 45 years each for butchering Mr Rigby, a father, in Woolwich as he walked on the street in military uniform.

Rebecca Rigby, the widow of Lee Rigby, lays a wreath near the site where he was killed outside Woolwich Barracks in May 2013

A campaign to commemorate the fusilier with a memorial site outside Woolwich Barracks was launched and taken under immediate consideration by Greenwich Council officials.

It was revealed a stone would be placed at nearby St George’s Chapel, but that it would not be dedicated specifically to the soldier.

Mr Rigby’s family welcomed the location of the memorial, with his widow Rebecca saying: ‘I know St George’s Chapel and it is a peaceful place and I think the memorial proposals will be fitting.’

His mother Lyn added: ‘I support the council’s plans and will feel able to visit the memorial in the chapel.’

Earlier this year Fusilier Rigby’s son, Jack, placed a poppy wreath at the National Memorial Arboretum where his father’s name has been engraved.

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  1. The Daily Mail says that they are no longer accepting comments on the article. Further, clicking ” view comments”, it says that there were no comments on the article.

    Is there no depth that the establishment will not plumb to?

  2. This sort of nonsense results in irritation from those who hate PC perversion and promotes the stature of UKIP.
    It’s as absurd as Horatio Nelson not being named in Trafalgar Square!

  3. Victim-blaming slander!

    They refuse to name the real victim, as if doing so would only somehow remind HIS victims of HIS “CRIMES” against THEM!

    These treasonous fucks deserve to be on sticks in a public square!

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