Jihad in Grozny, the Islamic paradise of Chechnya….

360_wc_ramzan_1028 “Chechnya is the most peaceful place in Russia”– Ramzan Kadyrov,  Putin-appointed emir….

Muslims in the Russian capital Moscow have been “denied the right to celebrate” the upcoming Eid al-Adhu (Feast of the Sacrifice) Islamic holiday after local authorities banned them from carrying out the traditional slaughter ritual.


Jihad in Russia:

At least 5 police killed in suicide blast outside concert hall

Doku-UmarovRussian jihad leader Doku Umarov has said, “Our enemy is not Russia only, but everyone who wages war against Islam and Muslims.” –  (Pamela Geller)

From the Gates of Vienna:
Earlier today a suicide bomber in Grozny, the capital of Chechnya, experienced a premature detonation, killing himself and five policemen while wounding a number of others. The alert policemen who stopped the mujahid for questioning may have saved the lives of many other people who crowded the city’s center for a holiday event.The tragedy had nothing to do with Islam.Many thanks to DarLink for translating, and to Vlad Tepes for subtitling this Russian news video.

WARNING: Although the most horrific images in this video have been blurred out, sensitive viewers may find some of the footage of the carnage disturbing:

Below is an English-language article from Itar-Tass that gives a different body count:

  • Musel-man Who Blew Himself Up in Grozny Identified
  • The explosion killed four police officers and injured four more


Muselmanic Grievance Theatre Downunder:

Perth’s Muslim children bearing brunt of public backlash over extremist group Islamic State
No kafir is innocent. Only Muslims are. And we should care about their children:

 Innocent Muslim women and children are bearing the brunt of public outrage in schools and supermarkets over horrifying beheadings carried out by IS terrorists. … Just about every muslim victim stereotype from YASMINE PHILLIPS at Perth Now thanks to Mullah, pbuh

“Extremism”, which is unislamic, is ‘perverse’ and must be eliminated – Saudi king

 “Extremism, which has generated terrorism, behoves us to combine our efforts to fight it and defeat it because it has nothing to do with Islam,” the king said in an annual address to leaders of delegations from Islamic nations which performed the annual hajj pilgrimage, the official SPA news agency reported. …

More nothing to do with islam fraud at Rappler (Mullah)

“No matter how much I hear that Islam is a religion of violence and oppression, I think my faith is beautiful and has shaped me in every way. I have Muslim friends who are kind, generous and loving”.–Reem Sweid @ al AGE
Beautiful faith that shaped Sweid in every way:
“Kill the idol worshippers wherever you find them … shoot them if you can, stab them, throw stones at their heads, poison them, run them over, burn their fields – and if you are unable … spit in their faces,” al-Hindi said, referring to Hindus.

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  1. I salute the Grozny cops who prevented the broader carnage this vermin intended to carry out. Rest in Peace, Warriors!

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