Jordan, Abbas slam Israeli 'siege' on Al-Aqsa compound

That’s how the Turk Bulletin reports it.


A number of Palestinian worshippers  Arab terrorists suffered teargas inhalation inside the complex after Israeli police fired teargas at their direction through the western Al-Magharbeh Gate

Muslim worshippers run as tear gas fired by Israeli policemen rises during clashes with stone-throwing Palestinian protesters in Jerusalem's Old City

Here’s what really happened:

Police Injured as Arab Rioters Lock Themselves inside Al Aqsa Mosque on Temple Mount

Masked Arab rioters threw fireworks and rocks at security forces on the Temple Mount on Wednesday, in what has become a tradition of riotous violence before the major Jewish holiday of Sukkot.–Video of Muslims burning part of their “third holiest site” (EoZ)

Muslim rioters on Temple Mount wound four Israeli police officersMuslim rioters on Temple Mount wound four Israeli police officers

Once again the Israeli press frames the problem wrongly — to be sure, this is a malady that it shares with the international media. The rioters on the Temple Mount were not rioting because they were Arab. I highly doubt that there were any Christian Arabs among them. They were rioting because they were Muslims, [/Comments] Continue Reading »


Former Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri has slammed Hezbullah for its Tuesday attack on IDF soldiers on the Israeli-Lebanese border. (Israel Matzav)

Why Israeli-‘Palestinian’ ‘co-existence’ groups don’t promote peace or coexistence 

Here’s a fascinating peace on why all those Western-funded efforts at ‘co-existence’ haven’t led to peace or co-existence.–Read the whole thing


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