Mad Cow Disease

Andrew Bolt

Let Rowe deliver an entire show in a niqab

These people are f*kced in the head:
Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 1.31.01 pmJanet Albrechtsen on a “feminist” campaign that totally misses the point on oppression:

That millions of Muslim women are forced to wear a veil as a medieval form of oppression should be Feminism 101. Instead, it’s beyond the wit of many Western feminists. The recent social media hashtag campaign #WISH (Women in Solidarity with Hijabs) saw women including television personality Jessica Rowe support their veiled Muslim sisters by posting “selfies” — photos of themselves dressed in a hijab, a head-only veil that leaves uncovered their pretty faces done up with lipstick and mascara. That’ll make a mark, girls. Instead of intelligent debate and serious questions about a form of dress that is too often aimed at treating women as inferior, here was yet another empty-headed social media stunt. Instead of thoughtful nuance and reason, here was faux, feel-good compassion…

The feminist angle of the #WISH warriors is a curiously one-sided, one-dimensional affair. What about solidarity for the burka, the full-body veil with a tiny netted slit for the eyes, or the niqab, similar garb that leaves a small opening for the eyes? Could it be that a burka or niqab interferes with the entire point of the social media campaign, yet another narcissistic show of self to feel good? Like being in space where no one can hear you scream, what’s the point of a burka selfie when no one can see your face?


Miranda Devine on the Left’s bizarre attempts to relativise Islamist terrorism out of debate:

THE undeniable atrocities being committed by Islamic State have leftists all at sea. They have made common cause with Islamism against their real foe, the Judaeo-Christian capitalist west, and it’s all a bit uncomfortable.

But when even the United Nations confirms that IS is beheading, raping, enslaving and torturing innocent civilians, they still can’t bring themselves to condemn the evil in front of their eyes.  Instead they evade, distract, ignore, and attack with all sorts of false moral equivalencies…

Crikey’s Bernard Keane tells us we should focus on “less glamorous subjects” than terrorism which “kills fewer Australians than even the most exotic causes of death”.

The ABC’s Jonathan Holmes pours scorn on Attorney-General George Brandis’ claim that we face an “existential threat” from the Islamo-fascists, and declares climate change is much scarier. Tell that to the beheaded Christians and Yazidis.

University of Western Sydney academic George Morgan pops up on the opinion pages of The Sydney Morning Herald to tell us Islamophobia is more of a threat than Islamist terrorism…

The moral gymnastics reached its apogee last week. As news from Syria and Iraq became ever more dire, Twitter activists coined the witless hashtag #JSIL.  This stands for Jewish State in the Levant, which they claim is the moral equivalent of ISIL, Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant, now calling itself IS.

That’s why leftards must never be allowed to hold the reigns of power, never again. They are irresponsible lunatics. And they are determined to prove it every day.

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  1. A bit disappointed in Janet’s response here. She’s usually very rational. “If a woman chooses to wear veil that is a matter for her not Hanson. “.
    Disagree Janet. Not in Australia where wearing a niquab or burkha is a clear expression of a rejection of the host nation’s values, as well as security risk and expense, a political statement and indicating that women are to be oppressed. France and Belgium have learnt something.
    Bronwyn Bishop wicked? I don’t think so. Reserve such terms for beheadings, suicide bombings and knifing of policemen.
    “Impede intelligence gathering”. Janet, appeasement doesn’t work. Can’t spell things out because muslims may not like it. So be it. If they want to help they will do so anyway.

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