“Muslims must kill non-believers wherever they are unless they convert to Islam.”

The Cream Puff Corps?  

If trains and buss are no longer safe places for soldiers on their way to work, surely they are no longer safe for ordinary citizens either.

“The best thing you can do is to make an effort to kill any infidel, French, American, or any of their allies… Smash his head with a rock, slaughter him with a knife, run him over with a car throw him from a high place, choke him or poison him.” — Mohammed al-Adnani, ISIS spokesman, September 2014.

woolwich-attackers_2570495bInstead of telling their soldiers to hide themselves, Western governments should tell their soldiers to show themselves to make clear to the jihadists, and to frightened citizens, that we in the West are not afraid of terrorists. On the contrary, we will root them out and come down on them with all our military might.

We Don’t Tolerate Nazism So Why Do We Tolerate Islam?

At last an establishment figure has come clean about the threat facing Britain from Islamic terrorists. London Mayor Boris Johnson has admitted that there are thousands of suspected terrorists being monitored by security services in London alone.


ISIS has declared a Holy War against the West.

The West won’t even admit we are at war. (GWP)

“We will conquer your Rome, break your crosses, and enslave your women, by the permission of Allah, the Exalted. This is His promise to us; He is glorified and He does not fail in His promise. If we do not reach that time, then our children and grandchildren will reach it, and they will sell your sons as slaves at the slave market.”

On page 14 ISIS justifies their enslavement of thousands of Yazidis in Iraq-Syria.ISIS Releases Latest Magazine ‘Dabiq’ – Justifies Enslavement of Yazidis

From the magazine:

“Unlike the Jews and Christians, there was no room for jizyah payment… After capture, the Yazidi women and children were divided according to the Shariah amongst the fighters of the Islamic State.”

ISIS also claims the “moderate” Islamists  Muslims in Syria are selling them US arms.

What Muslim Leaders Say About Islam Dispels the Myth that Jihadists are a “Fringe” Element

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This list should disabuse anyone of the notion that the incessant intolerance, hatred, and even violence against non-Muslims is “fringe.” This is not just a small group of “radicals.” This is Islam, plain and simple. The leaders quoted below are hugely popular,even famous mainstream leaders in the Islamic world. For each quote, I’ve provided an online source. Let’s begin:

180px-ali_gomaaAli Gomaa, the grand mufti of Egypt, the highest Muslim religious authority in the world, supports murdering non-Muslims. In the daily Al Ahram (April 7, 2008), he said, “Muslims must kill non-believers wherever they are unless they convert to Islam.” He also compares non-Muslims to apes and pigs. Source


Muhammad Sayyid Al Tantawi, president of Al Azhar University (the most prominent and authoritative institute of Islamic jurisprudence in the world) also approves of killing and maiming Christians, Jews, and other infidels. He added, “This is not my personal view. This what the Shari’a Law says, the law of Allah, the only valid law on the earth.” Source

And here you have it from the biggest terrorist of all time:


“I have been made victorious with terror”
– The Prophet Muhammad
(Hadith Bukhari 4:52:220 – Islamic scripture)

“Indeed in the Prophet Muhammad you have a good example to follow”…. See More

"I have been made victorious with terror"<br />
- The Prophet Muhammad<br />
(Hadith Bukhari 4:52:220 - Islamic scripture)</p>
<p>"Indeed in the Prophet Muhammad you have a good example to follow".<br />
- The Quran<br />
(Surah Al-Ahzab, Verse 21)

Syed Abul Ala Maududi, founder of the Pakistani political party Jamaat-e-Islami, said non-Muslims have “absolutely no right to seize the reins of power in any part of God’s earth nor to direct the collective affairs of human beings according to their own misconceived doctrines.” If they do, “the believers would be under an obligation to do their utmost to dislodge them from political power and to make them live in subservience to the Islamic way of life.” Source

The Chief Justice of Saudi Arabia, Sheikh abdullah bin Muhammad bin Humaid teaches that “at first fighting was forbidden, then it was permitted, and after that it was made obligatory.” He clearly identifies two groups Muslims are obligated to fight: “(1) they who start fighting against Muslims, and (2) they who worship gods other than Allah.” Source

The most prominent Muslim scholar of the 20th century, Sheikh Abu Ala Maududi, stated in his book, Islamic Law and Constitution, on p. 262, that the Islamic State “seeks to mould every aspect of life and activity. In such a state no one can regard any field of his affairs as personal and private. Considered from this aspect the Islamic State bears a kind of resemblance to the Fascist and Communist states.” Maududi added “Islam wishes to destroy all states and governments anywhere on the face of the earth which are opposed to the ideology and program of Islam.”Source

Hasan al-Banna, the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood (the largest international Islamic organization in the world) wrote, “Islam is an all-embracing concept which regulates every aspect of life, adjudicating on every one of its concerns and prescribing for it a solid and rigorous order.” Hasan al-Banna acknowledged there are many levels of jihad, including mere “interior spiritual struggle,” which he deemed the lowest level. According to al-Banna, waging warfare against the infidels is the highest expression of fidelity.Source

Hasan al-Banna also wrote, “it is a duty incumbent on every Muslim to struggle towards the aim of making every people Muslim and the whole world Islamic, so that the banner of Islam can flutter over the earth and the call of the Muezzin can resound in all the corners of the world.” Now remember, this is the founder of the largest international Muslim organization in the world.Source: Robert Spencer’s book, Stealth Jihad.

Saudi Arabia’s Grand Mufti, Sheikh Abdulaziz Bin Abdullah Bin Mohammed al Sheikh said on Iqra’ TV channel, “Killing producers who show women unveiled is legal.” Source

The Saudi Sheikh Saleh Al-Lehadan, head of the Supreme Judiciary Council, told Al Watan Daily, (March 25, 2008) “After getting rid of the Jews in our Arab land, we must turn to the Christians. They have three options: either they convert to Islam, or leave, or pay Jizia (protection taxes).” Source

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  1. What are the rules around banning people from entering Australia and are they sufficient?
    ABC Fact Check investigates.

    Immigration powers

    The Immigration Department website states that: “Everyone who wishes to enter or stay in Australia must satisfy the character requirement as set out in Section 501 of the Migration Act 1958. This includes all non-citizens, sponsors of visa applicants and non-migrating family members seeking to enter or stay in Australia.”

    A person will fail the character test if, among other things, the person:

    has a substantial criminal record;
    is not of good character having regard to their past and present criminal and/or general conduct;
    has or had an association with someone else, or with a group or organisation, who the Minister reasonably suspects has been involved in criminal conduct;
    is at significant risk, once in Australia, of engaging in criminal conduct, vilifying a segment of the Australian community or inciting discord in the community or a segment of that community, or represents a danger to the community whether by way of being liable to become involved in activities that are disruptive to, or in violence threatening harm to, that community or segment, or in any other way.

    A visa is not automatically refused or cancelled if a person fails the test. Instead, the Minister must make a final call to exercise their discretion to deny entry.

    Considerations for the Minister in making the decision are set out by the Government. Among other things, the Minister is required to delegate to decide what the future risk of harm is, and whether that is an unacceptable risk, based on balancing “the likelihood of any future harm, the extent of the potential harm if it should occur, and the extent to which, if at all, any risk of future harm should be tolerated by the Australian community”.

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    So Therefore – expel or “expel” Each and Every Muhammadan – FOR BEING A CRIMINAL SUBMITTER TO/OF ISLAM.
    So SIMPLE – Read the Qur’an – Why are The Muhammadans STILL HERE!
    The Muhammadans in Australia ARE going to Riot and Rape and Pillage – ANYWAY

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