Terror in J'lem, Terror in Sinai: AFP Blames Jews…

Possible terror attack in Jerusalem; three wounded

JLEM-TERROR-ATTACK-22.10.2014Baby among wounded when car hits people waiting for Jerusalem’s Light Rail.

Islamic terrorists inside the Sinai Peninsula attacked an IDF patrol at the Egyptian border:  ISIS-Linked Terror Attack on IDF From Sinai

A terror cell attacked Israeli soldiers patrolling the southern border Wednesday from the Sinai Peninsula. Two soldiers from the Caracal battalion were injured in the attack from an anti-tank missile and gunfire, according to the IDF.

A female officer and a male soldier were evacuated to Soroka Medical Center in Be’er Sheva by helicopter. They are listed in good and fair condition, respectively.

Time to play “Spot the Bias!” – AFP edition (Elder of Ziyon)

Palestinians Arab Muslims threw Molotov cocktails at an apartment building in a flashpoint East Jerusalem neighborhood just hours after it was taken over by Jewish settlers, police said Tuesday.

Time to play Spot the Bias, courtesy of AFP:

Palestinians threw Molotov cocktails at an apartment building in a flashpoint East Jerusalem neighborhood just hours after it was taken over by Jewish settlers, police said Tuesday.

No one was injured in the incident in the Silwan neighbouhood late on Monday, which saw a group of Palestinians firing flares and throwing Molotovs at the building, a police statement said.

No serious damage was caused and no arrests were made.

The building was one of two structures housing 10 apartments that were taken over by Jewish settlers before dawn on Monday, sparking fierce local opposition. Such takeovershave also been strongly condemned by the international community, including the US.

Silwan is a densely populated Palestinian neighborhood that flanks the southern walls of Jerusalem’s Old City and has been the scene of frequent clashes involving a small group of hardcore settlers, the Israeli police, and Palestinian residents.

Clashes erupted three weeks ago when settlers moved into more than 25 apartments in the area that they had reportedly purchased.

Ateret Cohanim, a right-wing Israeli organization aiming to increase the Jewish presence in East Jerusalem, said the acquisitions would double the number of Jews living in that part of Silwan.

The group claims that particular area was inhabited by Jews from Yemen in the late 19th century.

Jews don’t buy homes, they “take them over.”

Arabs don’t attack Jews, they are just in the area when clashes spontaneously “erupt.”

Jews who want to live in an area that Jews have lived in since the 19th century are “hardcore settlers.”

Photographic evidence of the Jewish homes from over a century ago are merely “claims.”

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  1. Thing I want to see. One, just *one* non-Muslim country, anywhere in the world, with the *b*lls* to 1/ officially and publicly recognise Jerusalem / Yerushalayim – ALL of it, including most especially neighbourhoods like Siloam, and Mount Zion/ Temple Mount, and ALL of what used to be called the “Old City” (which had no less than 48 synagogues before the Jordanian Muslims blew them all up between 1949 and 1967), and the Mount of Olives with its Jewish cemetery that dates back *at least* to the 12th century AD – like, 800 years! – as **the undivided capital of the Jewish State of Israel**. And that will 2/ move its embassy in Israel, from Tel Aviv to the aforesaid Old City portion of Jerusalem, just to drive the point home.

    Come on: Canada, Australia, New Zealand. Or perhaps one of the African Christian states. Or…India? Come on, PM Modi. Let’s all of us DO it. The Mohammedan Mob will have conniptions; but then they are *always* having conniptions, anyway, and they will wage jihad on us no matter what we do (if Israel had never been restored, they would still be waging jihad on us) so we may as well do what is right, which is to side with our fellow Infidels, the Jews of Israel.

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