The Mosqueteers of Canberra

Michael Inman, Courts reporter for The Canberra Times, takes investigative journalism to new lows:

Interstate Christian activists on board of Canberra group fighting mosque in Gungahlin

Article Lead - wide6280888511ekdeimage.related.articleLeadwide.729x410.11e7n9.png1414657919252.jpg-620x349Concerned Citizens of Canberra board member Adrian Van Der Byl says he opposes “the advancing Islamisation of Australia”.

“Islam is, in effect, a parallel civilisation replacement theology with its own civil  barbaric laws designed specifically for the destruction of its host nation.”

But why listen to greasy Islamophobes like Adrian Van Der Byl when you can get your Islam cooked to perfection by a real expert?

James Beech, seasoned Islamic expert and rapporteur extraordinary from the ‘Canterbury-Bankstown Express’ has all the facts for you. This self-appointed mufti finds Islam totally agreeable.

Please ensure you are securely seated, you do not hold a hot beverage and kindly empty your stomach in a suitable receptacle before proceeding with the following link.(Q-Society)

Lakemba Mosque joins National Mosque Open Day to reveal truth about Islam
The Islamic community is taking action to tackle prejudice against their faith and break down common misconceptions about their religion. (Daily Telegraph)

10425505_778713415529753_2953061026960628345_n Thorne ‘out of context’

Tim Blair – Friday, October 31, 2014

Islamic preacher Junaid Thorne claims he was taken out of context:
Earlier this year Thorne gave a lecture in which he called Jews and Christians “filthy rapists”.


He told Lloyd that he was misunderstood and the comments had been taken out of context.

Very well then, Junaid. What did you mean to say?

“If you go back to the lecture, I said we have our sisters being raped by filthy Jews and Christians. So I’m talking about the ones that actually do that.”

Glad we’ve cleared that up.


 Happy Halloween Islamophobes. 

No need to wear a monster costume and act like savages when we have the real thing wandering the streets.  (From the Q-Society)


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  1. The Tele article is pathetic, labelling kitman and taqiyya (obfuscation and dissimulation) as fact and the truth as myth.

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