The West is Rotten

Mark Steyn:

The real challenge isn’t terrorism but a self-imposed cultural relativism, promoted under the soppy slogan, “multiculturalism”. Whatever the pretense, this approach amounts to a policy of unilateral cultural abdication. The old saying, ‘nature abhors a vacuum’, applies here. In effect, the message from a culturally relativist West to Muslims is loud and clear. If you come to our country, there is no obligation to assimilate for there is nothing to assimilate to. Moreover, the implied message to the majority of Muslims is that there is no point in attempting to resist “extremists”. If the West has lost confidence in its traditional values, where do the “moderates” seek shelter?

Mark Steyn: Islamic Radicalism Fills the Void Left By Multiculturalism

Andrew Bolt:

Tanveer Ahmed is right – Leftist hatred of our traditions and history has created a gap now being filled for some by the fierce pride of the jihadist:

Jihadists just agree with the Left: the West is rotten

Recent stormy debate over a T-shirt bearing an Australian flag and the slogan ‘Love it — or leave’ illustrates how difficult it is for Australian progressives to embrace outward displays of patriotism…

Patriotism is a dirty word. Indeed, hip-hop artist Matt Colwell not only labelled the Australian flag “racist” on the ABC’s Q&A, he said later: “The way those people have used the flag has so tarnished the flag for me personally that it stands for a sort of swastika symbol in my mind.”…


Two world wars left a deep scar on the European psyche, especially on the notion of nationalism, which was seen as causing the rise of fascist Italy and Germany.

This ambivalence spawned a belief that countries such as Britain should be a culturally blank canvas; that patriotism is an old fashioned trapping of empire and countries such as Britain could be shaped afresh with new cultures living side by side in unity.

While we may lack the imperial guilt, there can be little doubt this view is apparent in Australia…

While Islamic terrorism is attractive to a very small proportion of the population, it highlights a weakness of liberal democracies in their lukewarm, sometimes conflicted promotion of a collective identity.

The gap for Islamists is filled by the fierce transnational identity that the Islamic notion of the ummah can build, a piety so strong they are prepared to sacrifice their lives. Macabre, evil and disgusting the actions may be, but the intensity of belief is in stark contrast to the relative apathy of mild-mannered secular atheists…

The strong patriotism of the US that integrates its extremely diverse population so successfully may explain why so few American-Muslims, as a proportion of the population, have gone to fight in Syria, compared with many thousands from Europe. The several hundred estimated to have travelled from Australia, as a percentage of our Muslim population, are many multiples greater than in America.

Jihadists, some educated in our universities, are taking the Left at its word – that this is an illegitimate nation built on theft, genocide, racism, rape and destruction. The jihadists just intend to do something vigorous about it.

No wonder conservatives, more likely to value this society, are also the most likely to lead in its defence. Tony Abbott, for instance.

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  1. The reason why the West is rotten is summed up in Romans 1:28 ( Basic English Bible )
    “And because they had not the mind to keep God in their knowledge, God gave them up to an evil mind, to do those things which are not right”

    We have become a thoroughly secular society, slavishly following the meme of moral and cultural relativism. We have abandoned the moral compass provided by Christ and now God has given us over to get what we have always wanted. We have become morally and culturally anaesthetised. Islam is now in the process of taking over our culture and our country as we look on without understanding the destruction that is hidden in plain sight.

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