"There are no civilians, kill them all wherever they are…"

“There are no civilians,” Musa Abu-Yusuf adds. “Kill them all wherever they are, that is, in Europe itself. Kill just one Frenchman, one American, then they will rise up. Kill them all, wherever they are. In Europe.”

Musa Abu-Yusuf says that IS militants head choppers are defending not only against attacks from the Kurds, but also from the entire world, who have “suddenly started to defend the Kurds.”

Report: ISIS Decapitates 70

Islamic State Militants Seen Using Advanced Portable Anti-Aircraft Missiles

Palestine: Closure of Al-Aqsa is

Hysterical Arabs: Closure of Al-Aqsa is “declaration of war”

The Palestinian Authority (PA) on Thursday asserted that Israel’s closure of the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound in East Jerusalem was tantamount to a “declaration of war against the Palestinian people.”

2 thoughts on “"There are no civilians, kill them all wherever they are…"”

  1. On the Black Tunic of The Muhammadan in The Cartoon by ….
    BRANCO LibertyAlliance.com © 2014

    Why is The Text Reading “RADICAL ISLAM”
    There is only ONE TYPE of ISALM – “ISLAM”

    So The ….
    Text on Tunic should read “ISLAM”

  2. Hmm!
    – still there on the black tunic of the islamist!

    Good to see you inadvertently assisting islam with disinformation Sheik!
    The Only Accurate “Text Label” on the islamists black Tunic is “ISLAM

    Radical islam is islam. Moderate islam is the Trojan Horse (islam is islam)
    • http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/2932152/posts

    There is no Radical islam
    There is no Moderate islam
    Islam is islam (and islam is vile putrid malevolent)
    • http://www.danielpipes.org/blog/2004/06/erdo287an-turkey-is-not-a-country-where
    • http://blogs.cbn.com/ibrahim/archive/2014/03/24/why-moderate-islam-is-an-oxymoron.aspx

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