“They try to spread hate and fear”

They are not just ‘trying’ to spread hate and fear, they are quite successful at it. The police is already terrified.


The police is on the run in Sweden:

In Denmark:

“Irritating Sniper Attacks” 

….the police chief downplays this attack by just calling it “irritating.” He should have called in reinforcements and searched the area, and interrogated every possible witness until the shooters were found, punished and, one would hope, evicted from Denmark.


 Years ago I interviewed Lars Hedegaard, the Danish freedom activist and historian, who described open warfare taking place in the streets of Denmark. It was a remarkable news story that was not being reported. Muslims attacking Danes, bikers fighting back …

Things have gotten worse. And it’s no surprise that people won’t come forward. They know the police won’t protect them and they will be at the mercy of the savages (who have no mercy).

The jihadis have guns, but not the people of Europe. Smart, really smart.

Denmark: Snipers attack police in Muslim area, locals reluctant to come forward as witnesses,” Nicolai Sennels, October 6, 2014 (Pamela Geller)

Norway: Laughing (Musel-) men hoist Islamic State flags in Oslo; EU expert says jihad songs used at beheadings “not extremism”

Notice how the “EU expert” on Islamic extremism claims that jihad songs are not “extremism”: that’s the kind of people assessing the danger we are in… Translated from VG. Sign up for more exclusive translation and support at 10news.dk.

The same day that the United States bombed Syria and Ubaydullah Hussain (29) appeared in Oslo court on charges of incitement to terror, several men drove around in Oslo waving an Islamic State flag. The men’s behaviour was a source of worry, and the police were quickly notified.

“They laughed,” one witness told VG. … The witness said to VG that four cars drove back and forth in Tøyengata in Greenland (a Muslim-dominated area with a high rape risk https://www.politi.no/vedlegg/lokale_vedlegg/oslo/Vedlegg_1309.pdf) in Oslo. In two of the cars, an Islamic State flag stuck out of the window.

“They waved the IS flag, while they played the same song which the IS terrorists play in the videos where they are beheading people,” says the witness.

“They try to spread hate and fear,” said another witness who saw the scene. … (Jihad Watch)

2 thoughts on ““They try to spread hate and fear””

  1. The way for the Scandinavians – and a lot of others, such as the French and the Dutch – to stop this nonsense, is …STING OPS. Lots of them.

    Muslims are regularly and repeatedly and quite predictably attacking police, ambulance workers, firies, and – in certain locales – gay people, unislamically-dressed women, and visibly-identifiable Jews….?

    WELL: send in the “bait” (but with concealed backup). And when the mohammedan mob jumps out to take the bait…**ambush the ambushers**. With massively superior force, sudden and devastating. Hammer them into the ground and then drag them off

    to be processed, searched, interrogated, tried, and jailed…and, preferably, deported.

    A few “lessons” like that – especially if attempted insta-mobs merely resulted in *all* the would-be rioters *also* getting arrested (most likely copping dog bites and hoofprints in the process), plus stripsearches, interrogations, strippings of residency status and even deportations – might make the Mob pull its horns in a bit.

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