UK: Deportations or Civil War

British people must choose, deportation muslims or civil war:

I’m not a fan of BNP types, but there is no need to argue over whether water is wet:

UK: “thousands” of  Islamic savages ‘under surveillance’- (how is anybody’s guess:)

UK: London mayor says security services monitoring “thousands” of jihad terror suspectsUK: London mayor says security services monitoring “thousands” of jihad terror suspects

“There are probably in the low thousands of people that we are monitoring in London.” What? In London alone? To say nothing of the rest of Absurd Britannia? Will Johnson or David Cameron or some expert Moderate Muslim like Maajid Nawaz kindly explain how this Misunderstanding of Islam grew to these epidemic proportions? Everyone (outside [ /Comments] Continue Reading »


Jacqui Lambie calls for religious radicals (Muslims) to be deported

“(How many of them) enjoy Australian social services payments, entitlements and democratic freedoms?” Senator Lambie said.
“If you’re going to carry on with that sort of rot, the first thing we should ensure is that they don’t receive any government funds or entitlements, don’t have the right to vote and are deported.” Our taxes should be exclusively reserved for people who love Australia with no formal or informal allegiances to foreign religious leaders and anti-democratic laws, she said.

Senator Jacquie Lambie says radical Islamics who are preaching violence should be stripped of their right to vote and be deported.–9NEWS.COM.AU
Next year? Why not this year?
Far more asylum seekers and convicted foreigners will be deported by force next year.

2 thoughts on “UK: Deportations or Civil War”

  1. Before Tony Blair started his grand scheme to remake Britain, he made sure that there would not be any revolution by confiscating all firearms. Today only the forces of the government and criminals are armed.

  2. Ciccio,

    Yes, everything you said is correct and true.

    RE: Arms

    I would wager that when the Civil War comes, that arms will come to the common people via the military, the Irish, Dutch and the French.

    The Military know exactly what Muslims are like, they’ve experiencd them first hand in Iraq and Afghanistan and know what they are like. Nor will they forget Lee Rigby.

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