"We want you to feel not just tolerated, but celebrated in the Australian community"

Cocksuckery of the worst kind. The Red-Green loons are not only a bunch of fools promoting savagery, they are also engaged in high treason.
by Christina McIntosh

As reported by Emma Hastings for the “Moreland Leader” and “Herald-Sun” on October 20th.

“Moreland Women Gather to Show Their Support for Muslim Community”.

726875-3917a896-5427-11e4-b832-87336bd9ecafJasmine Ouaida, Halime Ouaida, Lina Ayoubi and Ayesha Quraishi and daughter Miriam. Picture: Angie Basdekis

‘More than 150 women fronted at Fawkner Community House last Wednesday in a show of solidarity with the Muslim community.

‘The humble morning tea saw two rooms of the community centre packed shoulder-to-shoulder with women, predominantly of Muslim faith, and their children, while more guests gathered outside to listen.

726908-238caa8c-559c-11e4-a648-930cb5e84085The future of Australia?

“The atmosphere was one of unity as police, Moreland councillors and Greens Senator Janet Rice spoke to the gathering, with translators repeating their messages in Arabic and Urdu.

‘Ms Rice said she was overwhelmed with the number of women who attended the morning tea, having expected about a dozen people.

We want you to feel not just tolerated, but celebrated in the Australian community”, she said, as the room filled with applause.

Celebrated? Why? For what? For being card-carrying publicly self-declared members of what Winston Churchill rightly called “the religion of blood and war?” (as is being abundantly demonstrated in many corners of the globe, right now)?  Behind closed doors within the Muslim “community” in Australia, as in every other part of the West and in places like India, there is child marriage, forced marriage, polygyny, all of it sanctioned by the core texts of Islam. Islamic State and Boko Haram are reminding the world that sex slavery, and slavery generally, are taught by the core texts of Islam and sacralised by Mohammed’s own personal example.   There are, here in Australia, cases of FGM, obligatory according to the Shafiite school; “recommended” by two other schools of sharia, and certainly neither condemned nor forbidden by the fourth.  It can be safely assumed that there is Quran-sanctioned wife-beating.  And hanging over every Muslim here, as everywhere, the ominous shadow of the apostasy law; if you leave Islam, if you choose another faith or no faith, you should be killed.  Senator Janet Rice should read Mark Durie, “The Third Choice: Islam, Dhimmitude and Freedom” and ex-Muslim Sam Solomon, “Al Hijra: the Islamic Doctrine of Immigration”; and perhaps she might rethink her fulsome flattery of the Muslims now resident in Australia. – CM

Most people do welcome you, most people appreciate you being here as fellow Australians”.

I have read Surah 48: 29 and I have read Raymond Ibrahim’s discussions of the Islamic practices of deception for the protection and furtherance of Islam and for the doing-down of the Infidels, and of the doctrine of al wala wa al bara, Loyalty and Enmity.   I have read Bat Yeor’s “The Dhimmi”, and Robert Spencer’s “The Truth About Muhammad”, a summary and analysis of the career of Mohammed, based entirely on those sources deemed authoritative by Muslims.  I have read Samuel Zwemer’s “The Law of Apostasy in Islam”, and Patrick Sookhdeo’s “Freedom to Believe”, and I know what has happened to many a person who has left Islam…murderously pursued by former coreligionists, even by close family members.  I feel very uneasy that there are now, in my country, five or six hundreds of thousands of people who belong to a cult that a/ teaches them they are obliged and indeed entitled to forcibly absorb, subjugate – as despised and degraded dhimmi untermenschen – or exterminate non-members and that b/ teaches them that any cult member who tries to leave, should be killed.  I have also read Andrew Bostom’s “Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism”, and find its account of the antisemitism hardwired into the core texts of Islam, and demonstrated over and over throughout Muslim history, to be convincing; I am therefore deeply worried by the fact that the law of probability says that among those 500 or 600 thousand Muslims now present in Australia there have got to be many thousands – at least – who harbour an active (even if at present usually masked) antipathy toward Jews that might at any moment break out into acts of violence such as was seen in Toulouse in France a couple of years ago when Mohammed Merah murdered a rabbi and three Jewish children in the grounds of a Jewish school.  The more Muslims Australia gets, the more dangerous Australia will become for all Aussie Infidels, black or white, indigenous or non-Indigenous, Jew or Gentile.  Got Muslims? Got Jihad. We got Muslims; and we are getting Jihad, as evidenced by the recent attempted murder of two policemen, and the steady flow of Aussie-passport-holding mohammedans heading off to the bloodbath in Syria to participate in beheadings, etc, and the recently-foiled plot to kidnap random Aussie infidels and behead them, on camera.   But Senator Rice and people like her are not willing or able to see this. – CM

“The small number of people who are making threats and being racist, it’s important we do call them out, and we do let them know that’s un-Australian”.

‘The event followed Moreland Leader’s report last week that Muslim women had been verbally abused at Fawkner’s Bonwick shopping precinct, and that others had their headscarfs ripped off at Campbellfield Plaza.

That story, such as it is, which appears to rest on the unsubstantiated say-so of the women concerned, or of women who claim to know them, may be read here @ Herald Sun:

The relevant paragraph – “Fawkner resident Fatima Khan, who wears an Indonesian-style abaya, said strangers (how many, exactly? men? women? – CM) had abused her friends (again, how many? – CM) at the Kmart store in Campbellfield, and she had been accused of being a thief by a fellow shopper in Fawkner.  Other residents (how many? – names? – CM) alleged headscarfs had been ripped off at Campbellfield.”

I observe there are no specifics, no precise location that might, for example, allow for cross-checking of CCTV footage.  Now, back to the dhimmis-flattering-Muslims morning tea. – CM

‘Brunswick police Acting Senior Sergeant Ben Davies encouraged any victims of abuse to come forward and report incidents to police.

This sounds as though he did not, at the time, have any actual cases under investigation. – CM

“What concerns us is if there are people out there too afraid to report or think it won’t be looked at”, Acting Sen Sgt Davies said. “These are criminal offencdes, and they do need to be looked at and taken seriously”.

What if, rather than women not going to the police because they were too frightened, they were not going to the police because they knew that their claims of victimisation, ripping off of hijab, etc, were in fact false, and would not stand up to close and careful investigation? – CM

‘Offenders could face harassment or assault charges and the prospect of a criminal record.

‘Moreland North East Ward councillor Sue Bolton said women should not be afraid to leave their houses, but should walk with each other to ensure support.

‘Cr Bolton encouraged the community to give Moreland Council ideas on how it could be supportive, and to report abuse to police and the Islamophobia register.

“The Islamophobia register”.

I wonder what might come to light if non-Muslims – in the UK, or France, or Germany, or Scandinavia, or Holland, or Australia, or Canada, or the USA, or wherever – started up a register and encouraged people to record – and to report to police – all cases of verbal aggression (threats, curses, vulgar propositions, demands to “cover up!”) or low-level physical aggression (equivalent in intensity to the claimed removal of a hijab), directed by Muslims against non-Muslims? – CM

‘Fawkner’s Khadeejah Anderson (is she a convert? or is she the Muslim wife of an Aussie-background convert? – CM) said she believed the Federal Government had triggered a lot of the abuse.

“The person on the street only does it from what’s communicated from above”, Mrs Anderson said.

Nah, most of our politicians seem to be falling over themselves to be nice to Muslims and to try to pretend that the atrocities performed by the likes of Islamic State or Boko Haram have nothing, nothing at all to do with Islam. – CM

‘Khadeejah Anderson attended the morning tea to stand unified with the Muslim community and encourage women to recognise their rights and report abuse to police.

And every time Muslim men – or Muslim women – verbally harass unislamically-dressed women, those women should also report it to the police as ideologically-motivated abuse. – CM

‘Mrs Anderson, a teacher of Islamic Studies at Darul Ulum College in Fawkner, said it was something she had endured herself, having had a man in his 20s yell at her from inside his 4WD, calling her a “bloody ninja”.

Well, if she’s wearing the black slave mask, hood, and robe, she damn well does look like a ninja. Or like one of the Ringwraiths in Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings. – CM

“I confronted him and he apologised”, she said.

And Muslims, of course, are models of civility toward non-Muslim women…or are they?  Let’s revisit Tim Blair’s article “Last Drinks in Lakemba”.


“A few weeks ago, a large crowd of mostly young men assembled outside the Lakemba Hotel. Waving black flags (that is: the black flags of Jihad – CM) the men changted, “Palestine is Muslim land. The solution is jihad”.

“I asked a non-Islamic local about that night. “You should see them when they really go off”, she said, “That was nothing”.  Another non-Islamic woman said young men sometimes shouted “sharmuta” at her from their cars.  She looked up the word online and discovered it was an Arabic term for prostitute.”

So: we have one claimed instance, reported by the Moreland Leader, in which a Muslim woman – a convert, most likely – is called “bloody ninja” by a young non-Muslim man… who then apologised. As opposed to multiple occasions, as recorded by Tim Blair from the victim (whose name he, sensibly, did not give; but presumably he has it on private record), on which a non-Muslim woman was called a whore, in Arabic, by Muslim men…and does anyone even want to imagine what might have happened, had this woman confronted those who were thus vulgarly impugning her character, and sought an apology?  – CM

“Mrs Anderson said she took that interaction as a way of showing the offender he did not have the right to abuse any women, and that Muslim women would stand up for themselves.

Mr Blair’s article about Lakemba suggests that Muslim men need to be told that theydo not have the right to yell “whore!” at non-Muslim women whom they pass in the street. – CM

“The community needs to know that they have got rights and they should stand up for themselves and go and report to police,”, she said.  “The persecutors have to understand that too”.

Let’s ask her if she considers those Muslim boys in Lakemba to be “persecutors”, too, when they scream “sharmuta!” at random non-Muslim females in the street, eh? - CM

‘Fawkner youth worker Jasmine Ouaida was born in Melbourne, yet is now afraid to leave her house.

Drama queens, all of them, methinks.  Downtown Melbourne is a far cry from, say, Egypt, in which a Coptic Christian girl or woman can simply …disappear, any time, and perhaps reappear months or years later, paraded about in hijab as a “convert” to Islam, having been seized, and drugged, and raped, and abused, and threatened. Or Pakistan, where similar happens all the time to Christian or Hindu or Sikh girls and women.  – CM’

‘Fawkner-raised and having worked for Moreland Council and now Glenroy College, Miss Ouida said she felt frightened to take public transport in case someone abused her.

Wear the Allah Gang colours, be recognised as a camp follower of the Allah Gang….A Gang that many are coming to recognise, and not before time, as deadly dangerous. But I still think this pantomime of victimhood from hijabettes and niqabettes is highly exaggerated.  They surely know that in Australia they are not going to disappear en masse, kidnapped by Infidels, as 200 Christian schoolgirls in northern Nigeria were “disappeared”…kidnapped by Quran-quoting Muslims. – CM

“I think that’s an awful thing. I should not have to think twice because this is my home”, Miss Ouaida said. “It’s disheartening to see the community so affected”.

And Coptic girls should be able to walk the streets of their ancestral homeland, Egypt,  in safety, too, without their parents worrying that they will be seized by Muslim men and force-“converted” to Islam…shall I ask milady Ouaida about that? Or should I remind her of those Nigerian schoolgirls? – CM

‘Miss Ouaida said a man had abused her from his car while she was waiting at the traffic lights.

But what, precisely, did he say? – CM

“I do believe it’s a minority showing the racism (sic: but what race are Muslims? – CM) and bigotry, and the majority of Australians support us”, she said. “We are all Australians at the end of the day”.

Really?  Where does your final allegiance lie, milady? Dar al Islam or dar al Harb? Would you care to explain that concept?  And would you consider marrying an Australian man, without demanding that he convert to Islam first?  And what would you do, if your sister or your female cousin decided to leave Islam, and converted to Christianity, and went off and married an Australian Christian?  Shall we ask you about that?  – CM

‘Ayesha Quraishi (named – as so many Muslim women are named – after Mohammed’s child-bride, Aisha – CM) believes language barriers are preventing a lot of Muslim women from reporting to police.

Sure. Or perhaps the number and nature of the claimed “abuses” has been exaggerated, and might not stand up to closer examination. – CM

‘The mother-of-four lived in Maribyrnong for 13 years before moving to Fawkner last year, and said English skills in the Moreland Muslim community were not strong.

“They often stay quiet because their English is not good”, Mrs Quraishi said.  “They don’t feel confident to speak up.”

‘She said she would like to see more Muslim women improve their language skills, as well as walk more confidently when in public, and be more active in the community. “I smile and make eye contact, and if anyone needs help, I try to do it a bit extra”, she said.

By all means, click on the link and read the story in situ, and scroll down and take a good long look at the accompanying photos.  In one photo of a group of women, headed “some of the women who attended the meeting”, something like half of the women in the photo are wearing the niqab…mostly, blank black niqab, wholly indistinguishable the one from the other.  You cannot see if they are smiling, because all you can see is their eyes peering through a slit.  There is an individual photo of our Ayesha Quraishi…wearing black niqab, her slitted eyes peering at you from the gap in her Slave Mask. So her talk of “smiling” is absolute nonsense; because how can you tell if someone is smiling if you cannot see the mouth?  She is holding a little girl who seems to be no older than three – and although the little girl’s face is visible, she is already in hijab. -  CM

‘Wearing a face covering is a woman’s choice in Islam (suuuure – pull the other leg, people, it plays waltzing matilda – CM), but Neema Omer’s 10 year old daughter is choosing not to out of fear of abuse.

‘Mrs Omer, from Roxburgh Park, said her daughter used to wear a covering, but was now too scared.

A ten year old. A ten year old, already wearing hijab?  Has she even got her periods yet?  In the Hadith, in the Sunan Abu Dawud, book 2, Hadith number 0641, it is said on Aisha’s authority that Mohammed said that “Allah does not accept the prayer of a woman who has reached puberty, unless she wears a veil”. I recall reading somewhere – but, searching my files, cannot right at the moment lay my hand on the exact reference – that a contemporary Muslim cleric is on record as having said that once a girl reaches the age of 10, she wears hijab…or “we beat her”.  – CM

“I said, you should be proud (yes, strut about in your Gang Colours, the colours that associate you with ..oh…Al Shabaab and Al Qaeda and the Ikhwan and the Virtue Police of Iran and the Taliban and the House of Saud and the Islamic State and Boko Haram...the colours that identify you as a follower of Mohammed the caravan-raider, warlord and slave-trader, rapist of captured women – CM) but she said, I don’t want to be killed”, Mrs Omer said.

Nonsense.  Hysterical nonsense. – CM

‘The mother of three said Islam did not allow anyone to force a woman to wear a covering (really? the multiple cases of forced veiling – and of abuse and even killing of women for failing to cover up to the degree demanded by the killer or killers – say she is lying. – CM) but most women came to wear them of their own choice when they reached puberty.

Ah, yes, their own choice.  Nothing to do with the hadith I quoted above that tells women allah won’t listen to their prayers unless they’re in hijab.  Nothing to do with the perception that – as Nonie Darwish has explained – the woman’s whole body – even including her face – is awrah, Arabic for pudendum...  CM

‘Mrs Omer wears a niqab. “It makes me closer to God (so that implies she believes that women like me, with our obscenely naked  head hair, mouths, chins, noses, cheeks and ears – oh, the horror! the shame! Playboy centrefolds, all of us! – are further away from the divine – CM), but no-one has been forcing me”, she said. “Some people think this is being oppressed, but no-one is allowed to tell you to put it on“.

Suuuure. I don’t believe you.  Because there are way too many places where that is patently not the case. – CM

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  1. # The future of Australia?

    And yet, when the issue of identity-masking niqabs / burkas is raised, the imams will have us believe that it is not an issue as only 20 or so people in the whole country wear the things.

    Here they are, all in one room.

  2. We want you (Muhammadans) to feel not just tolerated, but celebrated in the Australian community

    WHAT !!!!!
    NO WE (non-Muhammadan AUSTRALIANS) “3825464” DON’T – MUHAMMADANS ARE NOT WANTED NEEDED OR WELCOME IN AUSTRALIA (or in any country galaxy universe or multiverse)

  3. Hear that wirring sound? That’s Emmeline Pankhurst spinning in her grave.
    Generations of sufferage fighters are now fighting extreme nausea. How can these women betray us?

  4. Where are the child protection services???? The toddler in the first picture is veiled.


    Is it so she doesn’t “seduce” muslim males 30 times her age?

    Or is it that she already “belongs” to a muslim male 20 – 30 times her age and therefore has to keep the view of her little body only for her “husband”

    As I said:

    WHERE ARE THE CHILD PROTECTION SERVICES??? Do I hear you say: “busy rolling out the red carpet for the rapists of this little girl???????

    1. That’s a BS poll. According to a Morgan poll commissioned by the Q-Society nearly 80% of Australians object to having Islam established in this country.

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