"We will always visit our Imam…"

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Australian Muslim Shiites travel to Iraq for Ashura despite IS threat

TOPSHOTS-IRAQ-RELIGION-ISLAM-SHIITE-ASHURAHundreds of Australian Muslim Shiites are expected to make the pilgrimage for the 40-day holy commemoration festival in Karbala, but this year the Australian government is warning worshippers to think twice about their travel plans.The festival commemorates the death of Prophet Muhammad’s grandson, Imam Hussein, and is a long held practice in Shiite Islam.

 Ottawa: Mental illness, not Islam, was behind the attack. …

# Syed Soharwardy “I do not know this person at all”

… But a car registered to the 32-year-old terrorist — which listed the Islamic Centre of Calgary on 14 Ave. S.W. as his address …

Moscow Mufti got nothing to do with Islam:

The mufti of Moscow and the chief imam of Moscow’s Cathedral Mosque has dubbed the Islamic State (IS) militant group a “political organization that has nothing to do with religion.” … More stereotypical nothing to do with islam (from the Cathedral moske) at RFE/RL

Terrified Pig nailed to front of mosque:

A PIG’S head was nailed to the front of a ‘mosque’ in what police are describing as a “racially aggravated hate crime”.

Please explain:

Hijabbery causes suffering Muselmaniacs

A mother who wears Islamic head coverings says local Muslims are now suffering more racist abuse than after the September 11 and Bali terrorist attacks. … More on the mum at Central Coast Gosford Express Advocate