Halal Racketeer Mohamed Elmouelhy: “Australia is a muslim country”

More from the godfather of halal Australia:

“Australia is a muslim country!?”
Err, not yet:
“…the City Council voted…”
Why did the Council give saloon passage to the Mosque application? Did they want to make a name for themselves?


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“Albert Elharrar, president of the Jewish community in Créteil, has called on all residents to gather in an open space near the lake on Sunday to condemn the religiously motivated attack. He is asking all Jews, Christians, Muslims and non-believers to attend in a sign of solidarity.” It will be interesting to see how many […]
The Invasion of Europe continues…. Remember earlier in the week we reported that Syrians in Athens were hunger-striking for the “right” to move on to a wealthier, more generous European country…

Boycott Halal Certification in Australia

From the godfather of halal Australia: “Australia is a muslim country”

What is halal certification!?

The simple answer is that it is all one big con that raises money to spread the ideology of islam, and the islamic ideology is not compatible with the Australian culture. In fact, it is not compatible with any other religion or culture on the planet! It is not the product that is the cause for concern. It is actually the certification fee that is the problem.

Halal certification does help fund terrorist groups. It is a Dhimmi islamic religious tax imposed on us all, as dictated by the koran, and is used to help build mosques, islamic schools and fund terrorists. It is totally unnecessary, unless of course one wishes to make Christians, Jews, and other “infidels” help fund the attacks on themselves. Muslim jihadists must be laughing all the way to the bank. And by paying halal certification fees, just so they can make a few more bucks, companies actually help them…… I hope this, along with the video below on halal, helps you understand a little more!
Petition to ban halal certification
Halal and non halal lists: http://www.halalchoices.com.au/product_lists.html

Some major companies to avoid-
Lilydale chicken
Sara Lee
Master foods
Tip top

Some alternatives! (non halal)
Dick Smith
Uncle Tobys (owned by Nestle who are cert)
Arnotts (owned by Cambells who are cert)
Smiths chips
Jarrah coffee
Bushells (tea, the coffee is halal cert)
Moccona (owned by Douwe Egberts who are cert)
Birds Eye
McCains (All vegis are cert, I don’t understand either!?)
Greenseas tuna
Seakist tuna
John West
Golden circle
Sargents pies
Watties pies
Select (Woolies)
Home brand (Woolies)
Latina fresh
Oral B
Wonka chocolate (owned by Nestle who are cert)

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Boycott Halal Certification in Australia 2

4 thoughts on “Halal Racketeer Mohamed Elmouelhy: “Australia is a muslim country””

  1. Kirralie Smith (http://halalchoices.com.au/) has revealed some very interesting information about Muhamamdan Contamination (Muhammadans call it Halal Certification) of Australian’s Food Supply via ….http://pickeringpost.com/story/islamic-scholars-blast-halal-scam/4231

    and also an Imam’s halal certificaion CRIME expose ….

    …. and Australian’s now expect halal Contaminated product fees be reinbursed – IN FULL – in Millions !!!
    Hear that Racketeer in chief, Mohamed El-Mouelhy, the chairman of Halal Certification Authority Australia
    – even if you have to sell your wife’s shoe collection.
    – and get yourselves OUT OF Australia !!!!

    You – Mohamed El-Mouelhy– are now a proven vile Putrid Malevolent Muhammadan Criminal.

  2. Updated ….
    – even if you -(Proven Criminal Mohamed El-Mouelhy)- have to sell your wife’s “Prized” BUT “Criminally Gained” shoe collection you have been so fond of telling every Australian about
    – But really just rubbing Australian’s faces in your halal Contamination Crimes.
    – but really you -(Proven Criminal Mohamed El-Mouelhy)- are just The Normal very nasty Vile Putrid Malevolent Muhammadan criminal Savage.

  3. Multiculturalism has been the death of Australia. We have not only the halal tax but the calabrian mafia tax on fruit and vegetables. How much cheaper would food be without these 2 groups of low lifes.

  4. MOHAMED ELMOUELHY can go a Frack his favourite donkey all I care, Australia will never become a haven for terrorist dole scaming half wits like him and his like. Australians need to stand up to this bullsh*t and keep our country the way it is and has been. This mongrel mob should get out while the going is good! The more and more this Halal crap that comes out, the more and more true blue Australians will rise up and start taking matters into their own hands. We cannot rely on the authorities to do anything, they are to busy worrying about social and community harmony, getting re-elected or finding that nice cushy position after they retire on their public financed pension. AUSTRALIA FOR AUSTRALIANS NOT TERRORISTS AND THEIR WACKED OUT RELIGION!

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