Hiring Islamic scholars to combat Islamic ideology?

Its come to that. Its like building a mega mosque on the rubble of Ground Zero. Or like trying to put the fire out with gasoline.

Kick Turkey our of NATO, and get a new Pope

Last week, Pope Francis paid a visit to Turkey in what was seen as an attempt to align the Catholic church with moderate Muslims. In a gesture of goodwill, Pope Francis visited the Blue Mosque, one of the masterpieces of Ottoman…  MEFORUM.ORG|BY TAREK FATAH

Halfstupid is more dangerous than being really stupid:

Brad Sherman: State Dep’t Should Hire Islamic Scholars to Combat IS Ideology

“One must be able to turn to the Quran, to turn to the Hadith and show how ISIS is making a mockery of a great world religion,” Sherman said. “You cannot appeal to Islamic jurists unless you can cite Hadith, unless you can cite Quran…”

Perhaps Sherman should start reading Quran and Hadith before hiring head choppers….

The Left reveals how racist it really is.
 They order executions, beatings, punishment beatings and manage brothels where Yazidi sex slaves are raped daily

The Terror Reign of the Jihadettes

Dozens of Britons are thought to have joined the Al-Khansa Brigade in ISIS’ Syrian de facto capital Raqqa, helping to patrol the city with guns and daggers hidden…
It’s madness – society suicide. Why allow American Muslims to return to the US? They should loose their citizenship when they choose to join the enemy hellbent on destroying the US. When Rep.  Brad Sherman (D-Calif.) said, “It is about time that the State Department hire its first Islamic legal expert to work full time on that — maybe a couple (of experts). And it is time that at least somebody be hired at the State Department, not because they went to a fancy American school or because they did well on the foreign service exam.”

The State Department said it is relying on outsiders to provide expertise on Islamic law. Who are those experts? UAE-designated terror group CAIR? Muslim Brotherhood ISNA, MAS, MSA? It isn’t the scholars that know and understand the sharia and jihadic doctrine, such as Steve Coughlin, who lost his job at the Pentagon because a Muslim was “offended” by Coughlin’s expertise on Islamic theology, or Robert Spencer, who was banned from speaking to law enforcement after Obama scrubbed jihad and Islamic theology from all counter terror materials.

Who are the State Department’s “Islamic legal experts”?

It is now nothing more than a waiting game. Will we continue to maintain our extraordinary record of thwarting jihad attacks in America (almost weekly now) or will Fort Hood, Boston, Oklahoma beheadings, become more commonplace?

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  1. I think sissy boy Brad Sherman should hire al-Baghdadi to be his little dancing boy Islamic scholar. Oh, the butt hurt!

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