Mossad is trying its best to discredit Islam using ISIS

Non-Stop Conspiracy Theories Among Muslims 

The latest, the one you see everywhere, is that the Islamic State, also known, with more confusion and deliberately less transparency, as ISIL (Obama’s choice) and ISIS, cannot possibly be prompted by the texts of Islam taken seriously by those of its adherents who, furthermmore, are mostly young and male, and eager to take direct action, instead of engaging in other, less obvious to the Infidels, kinds of Jihad that, in the end, will be more effective.

Here is just one comment at a story, in the Saudi English-language Arab News, showing that craziness:

  • Anyone with a common sense would know that ISIS is a reality show done by Mossad to collect all so called Jihadis into one place and bump them of.

    Now that is has failed to attract large number of Jihadis, Mossad is trying its best to discredit Islam using ISIS. They are using ANY thing and EVERY thing they could think of, to discredit Islam.


    After all, what can Muslims do? They can’t — save for a few, more educated, more aware people — possibly admit to the world, and to themselves, that the Islamic State is run by people who are Muslims purs et durs. They would become murderous if Infidels dared to quote the exact Qur’anic verses, and Hadith, that the Islamic State recruiters — and recruits — quote to themselves and to other Muslims and, for that matter, to non-Muslims, as the very texts that explain, and of course justify, their actions.

    So what else can they do? Claim it is all a plot to discredit Muslims. And who could be behind that plot? It must be the C.I.A. Or Mossad. That is, it must be, to use the language of the Islamic Republic of Iran, it must be the Big Satan, America, or the Little Satan, Israel. Or, even better, it must be a collaboration between them, America and Israel, who deliberately created the Islamic State, no doubt with their own agents staging the whole thing, supplying the weapons and money, so as to destroy the peaceful, harmonious, wonderful lives that harmless Muslims were quietly leading in Syria and Iraq, and still more diabolical, getting people calling themselves Sunni Muslims to behave in nauseatingly violent and cruel ways, to others — Yazidis, Christians, and Kurds — that is, non-Muslims, or those whose non-Arab identity (the Kurds) tugged against, worked against, their supposed Islamic identity.

    In other news:

Beyond Stupid:

Immigration minister begs terrorists to return to Australia
IMMIGRATION Minister Scott Morrison visited the home of Assim and Bassama Elbaf, the parents of four Sydney brothers who fled to Syria, to urge the family to make a public appeal to their sons to leave the battlefield and return to Australia.
Why not? When they went to fight for the Islamic State, they were joining an entity that considers itself at war with the United States. That is treason… JIHAD WATCH|BY ROBERT SPENCER