QLD: Diversity Police to Spy on Aussies

NZ: side effect “Islamophobia” worse than terror!

Is it coming to our shores soon?

“Dr” Anwar Ghani worries that “up to 80 New Zealanders are being monitored due to links to Isis….”

OLD: Diversity Gestapo Springs Into Action:


“Ugly protests against  Maroochydore mosque” cause irritable bowel syndrome for multiculti-brigades and complicit ABC cretins:

Education is key

Dr Naveed said many of the protester’s opinions were based on misconstrued facts about Islam and a conversation with a Muslim would dispel those myths. …

Kerrin Benson is the executive director at Cultural Diversity Queensland and said they are conducting a series of meeting around the state because the recently heightened Federal government terrorism alert level has resulted in a backlash towards minorities.

“We’re going around the state with the police and the anti-discrimination commissioner to check in with people to make sure there hasn’t been an increase in rates of racial and religious vilification,” she said.

“Headchoppers will be richly rewarded”

Daily Telegraph

THE former head of the controversial al-Risalah Islamic Centre in Bankstown said the four El Baf brothers who fled Australia to join Islamic State in Syria would be given a free house and he whole heartedly supported their decision.


Wissam Haddad said he knew the El Baf family but not the brothers Omar, 28, Bilal, 25, Hamza, 23, and Taha, 17, personally.

The brothers told their parents they were going to Thailand but later sent a text indicating they were in Syria.

“Do I support any Muslim wanting to live under a full Islamic system, yes I do,” Mr Haddad said yesterday.

“It’s not surprising to me … I don’t believe it’s out of Muslim character.

“If they just want to live under the Sharia, from what I’ve heard migrants who come to the Islamic State are given housing and all sorts of things.

“They could just be living there. I don’t know if living in Syria is a crime under the Islamic State.

“There is something that Allah is offering more than any person or country can offer and that’s paradise..

“One of the scholars said how can you fight a people who look down the barrel of a gun and see paradise. It’s what we are all after, eternal bliss, eternal paradise, which is a lot better than the world we live in.”

The extremist al-Risalah bookstore closed its doors in September a month after Mr Haddad told The Daily Telegraph he supported Islamic State’s black shaddad flag and not the Australian one.

Mr Haddad said he was still in limited contact with his friends in Syria, including Khaled Sharrouf, and had plans to re-open “an office or a youth centre”.

The El Baf brothers’ great uncle Abdul El Baf, 75, said the family hailed from Tripoli in northern Lebanon and the boys were born and bred in Australia.

He said the boys prayed at the Sefton Mosque, close to their Yagoona home, with their father Issam but he did not think they were radicalised there.

“Somebody put shit in their heads. I don’t believe in this religious bullshit. I believe in Allah and pray and that’s it,” he said.

“I wonder what happened to these idiot kids. Don’t listen to these idiot political people.

“I am very upset for his family. He is a good father. I hope they would come back to the best country in the world — Australia.”

High school student Taha also played rugby league for the Regent Park Pumas, playing in the finals last year.

Pumas president Mike Cogger said Taha was a “pretty good player” who played in the centres.

“I always found him very polite. That (travelling to Syria) doesn’t sound like him,” he said.

2 thoughts on “QLD: Diversity Police to Spy on Aussies”

  1. About – (incorrectly described by a Treasonous and Seditious “Australian” MSM and islamic “Dhimmis”)
    …. “Ugly protests against Maroochydore mosque” ….

    Dr Naveed (recently from Pakistan and a vile Putrid Malevolent Criminal Muhammadan) connivingly said ….
    many of the protester’s opinions were based on misconstrued facts [a LIE] about Islam and a conversation with a Muslim would dispel those myths [a LIE]. …”

    Ah !!!!
    the wonders of islamic “false jurisprudence” with islamic Deceivers (now hopeless) attempts at deceiving the (must be) Deceived Civilised Man.
    Dr Naveed (recently from Pakistan and a vile Putrid Malevolent Criminal Muhammadan) is practising the islamic Fine Arts of ….
    • Taqiyya. (deception of non-Muhammadans – by dissimulation about ones Muslim identity).
    • Tawriya (deception of non-Muhammadans – by concealing, and it could be called “creative lying”).
    • kitman (deception of non-Muhammadans – by telling only part of the truth).
    • Muruna (deception of non-Muhammadans – by using “flexibility” to blend in with the enemy or the surroundings).

    …. as does any vile Putrid Malevolent Muhammadan entered into converstion with about islam – so don’t bother.
    It is unnecesary for You to physically expose yourself to the islamic “Mind Virus” or the islamic “Plague”.

    The truth about being a Muhamadan ….
    Muhammadans are only happy when they are being Dominated and they in turn then dominate others to validate their own need.
    (that is the psychological necessity to be a Muhammadan)
    – so do not try to stop or “Relieve” them from being “Dominated” .
    or they will kill you !!! – but really – any excuse will do for a Muhammadan !

    Muhammadans want to be dominated – Please Yes! Please Yes! Please Yes!
    This is the key to understanding Muhammadans
    “Being Dominated also relieves Muhammadans from a real concern about ….
    What to do AnyWhere and
    How to do EveryThing

    Muhammadans are told What and How all the time – ALL THE TIME.

    Muhammadans are so Stunningly Mindless …. and ….
    This mindlessness explains why islam is called a Mind Virus or islamic Plague!
    Remember – there apparently is only one cure after catching the islamic Virus/Plague.

    and the cure is ….
    Segregation of each and every Muhammadan from Civilised Society – for the Vile Putrid Malevolent Muhammadan Savages lifetime !
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    to ensure the isolated death and “death” of the Vile Putrid Malevolent Muhammadan (Male Female Child Dhimmi) Savage infected with islam.

  2. Quran 8:12-3 Tafsir 8 “… strike them on their foreheads to tear them apart and over the necks to cut them off [beheading], and cut off their limbs, hands and feet. … فَوْقَ الأَعْنَاق (over the necks), refers to striking the forehead, or the neck, …” Page 13, 1.7 MB


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