‘Native Son’ Terror

A Mohammedan is a ‘native son’  like a rattlesnake is a domestic animal:

Tim Blair:


Further details emerge about Copenhagen gunman Omar Abdel Hamid El-Hussein:

Former classmates of Mr. El-Hussein described him to local media as a loner who liked to discuss Islam and the Israel-Palestinian conflict and his hatred for Jews …

“I knew him from Mjolnerparken [a residential area where the gunman is believed to have lived],” Sanna al-Baltam told reporters at TV2 while placing a bouquet on the ground. “We’re not sure it was him who did it. If it was, it has nothing to do with Islam. He must have been manipulated,” she was quoted saying.

As Mark Steyn again notes, it is never to do with Islam. In other nothing-to-with-Islam developments:

The German city of Braunschweig has cancelled a planned carnival parade because of a “specific threat of an Islamist attack”, police say. —More

A donkey, a dog or a woman is more powerful than Allah

Three Things That Annul A Muslim’s Prayers

Guardian flatliners:
IRAN – Photos: Men paraded and humiliated in public before being charged

NCRI – The Iranian regime’s State Security Forces (Police) paraded three men Tuesday through streets of the city of Mashhad with their hands tied and feet chained without being charged or sentenced.


The men were paraded with big signs hanging from their neck labling them as thugs. The signs included their names and alleged crimes.

The city’s prosecutor, Gholamhossein Sadeghi, told the official news agency IRNA: “The judiciary parades in the street of the city those who disrupt the social order to be a lesson to others.”

He alleged that the crimes these individuals have committed include causing disturbance, harassment and theft.

Sadeghi said: “Although no definite verdict have been issued for these individuals they have been paraded in the city of Mashhad to be a lesson to others.”

ISIS Recruitment Campaign On Twitter: Immigrate To Libya And Guarantee Your Place In The Gateway Of The Conquest Of Rome

As part of efforts to increase the Islamic State’s (ISIS) influence in Libya, operatives and supporters of the organization recently launched a campaign on Twitter aimed at recruiting new members from outside the country. Using the hashtag #Immigration to the Islamic State in Libya, they called upon Muslims to reach Libya and join the fighting in the ranks of ISIS there.

 Other offerings from the Religion of Peace:

There is No Modern Islam  (Daniel Greenfield)
“The problem isn’t that ISIS is ‘medieval. The problem is that Islam is.

Hamas’s New Army of Children  (Gatestone)
“If Hamas has the resources to fund and arm a new ‘Liberation Army’ consisting of 17,000 fighters, why does it continue to demand that the international community allocate billions of dollars for the reconstruction of the Gaza Strip?”

The Muslim Brotherhood-ISIS Connection  (FrontPage)
There is a web of ties from CAIR to ISIS connecting groups which share the same Islamist goals.

Is Criticism of Islam a Hate Crime?  (Daniel Greenfield)
“The Islamopologist attempt to treat atheism as proof of a hate crime imports the theocracy of Islamic law into the United States.

Re-Enacting Muhammad in Copenhagen  (Breitbart)
“Muhammad’s murderous behaviors towards Jews, as well as ‘blasphemers’, validate Omar Abdel Hamid el-Hussein’s lethal attacks in Copenhagen this past weekend.”

Christian Slaughter in Libya  (Raymond Ibrahim)
Once again, the Religion of Peace distinguishes itself from others.

What ISIS Really Wants  (Atlantic)
Nothing about the Islamic State makes sense outside of a sincere desire to implement pure Islam.

50 Shades of Black and Blue  (Islam Watch)
The marriage contract in Islam isn’t much different from the fictional sado-masochist version.

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  1. Three Things That Annul A Muslim’s Prayers
    1. a donkey,
    2. (in particular a black) dog
    3. a woman
    are more powerful than Allah
    Sahih Bukhari hadith (No. 491)

    Even a donkey, or a dog, or (Paradise forbid !) a woman is more powerful than this tiny, ineffectual god.
    Mortal creatures have the power to cut off prayer to the Almighty Allah.
    Allah is the most wimpy of gods.
    In fact, he is so wimpy he is no god at all !
    Allah is simply the creation of mad Mohammed’s insane mind.
    The mighty Allah can be defeated by a woman.

    (Link Courtesy of the sheik)

    Again the Vile Putrid Malevolent Deceitful islam has been exposed for the Stupid Fool it chooses to be !!!

    Just can’t stop laughing – islams (if they weren’t so sociopathic) are so Stupid They’re Actually Funny !!!

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