Oz Mufti Tells PM To Pack Up

Like the head-chopping savages from ISIL, this jihadist  is drunk on megalomania and Islamo-supremacy:

150009-86e0f54c-841e-11e4-a702-553dc58650c9‘If there’s any advice to be given… I would say: “Work in any field other than politics”,’ says Grand Mufti Dr. Ibrahim Abu Mohammad.

World Bulletin

Australia’s Grand Mufti has told embattled Prime Minister Tony Abbott to give up the day job, advising him on an online TV program Friday to “work in any field other than politics.”


In other news:

Police raid Sharrouf doctor


THE psychiatrist who once treated Sydney terrorist Khaled Sharrouf has had his office raided and files confiscated by Australian Federal Police investigating allegations of broader Disability Support Pension scam.


Psychiatrist Ishrat Ali treated Islamic State terrorist Sharrouf before he headed to Syria to join the terror cult.

Sharrouf was still drawing his fortnightly $766 disability pension cheque when he left Australia. (AB)


6 thoughts on “Oz Mufti Tells PM To Pack Up”

  1. “‘If there’s any advice to be given… I would say: “Work in any field other than politics”,’ says Grand Mufti Dr. Ibrahim Abu Mohammad.”

    This is the same turd who thinks allowing Hisbutt Tahrir to breathe is a good thing. He’s a pathetic idot but unfortunately has to be closely watched due to the sick agenda of he and his followers. No doubr he is as determined to get the ‘Caliphate’ happening in Oz as Hisbutt are but he has the cunning to not make it obvious.

  2. Oz Mufti Tells PM To Pack Up

    What are ANY islam Freaks even doing in Australia !!!
    • Oh yeah – they were imported by the Australian Government !!!

    Here is a list of the still living criminals . . . .

    Recent/Current Australian Prime Ministers (and their Senators/Members)
    • Fraser, John Malcolm – Lib (started the current lot of islam invaders)
    • Hawke, Robert James Lee – ALP
    • Keating, Paul John – ALP
    • Howard, John Winston – Lib
    • Rudd, Kevin Michael – ALP
    • Gillard, Julia Eileen – ALP
    Abbott, Anthony John – Lib

    Recent/Current Federal Opposition Leaders (and their Senators/Members)
    • Hayden, William George – ALP
    • Peacock, Andrew Sharp – LP
    • Hewson, John Robert – LP
    • Downer, Alexander John Gosse – LP
    • Beazley, Kim Christian – ALP
    • Crean, Simon – ALP
    • Latham, Mark – ALP
    • Nelson, Brendan – LP
    • Turnbull, Malcolm – LP
    • Bowen, Chris – ALP
    Shorten, Bill – ALP

    Get rid of the Australian Traitors – ‘islam Appeasers’
    Then the islams can be “REMOVED” from Australia !!!

  3. Muslims in Australia call for death of Abbott Government:
    Abbott runs away. Andrew Bolt explains the danger

    “The Australian Conservative Truth” gives “Little Johnny” – ‘islam Appeaser’ Howard a Special mention !!!
    (see article’s 2nd last paragraph)
    Note the number of illegal Islamic/sharia law bodies associated with universities.
    This wholesale hijacking of Australians universities was bankrolled by the Howard Liberals ($20 million courtesy of Andrew Robb – indexed each year) – a govt which Abbott was a part of. All illegally again. Now they want Abbott’s gut for garters – and Abbott is still insisting that he is the sworn enemy of anyone who opposes sharia law. Sharia law criminal activists have declared that he is the enemy – yet Abbot still cant bring himself to apply OUR laws and protect the human rights of Aussies from the evil that is sharia.

    This is the (Treasonous) Calibre of Australia’s past and current Politicians Politicals Local Government Councillors AND The PC (Cultural Marxist) Mind Controlled !!!

  4. The grand mufti is a fart-bag in any language.
    This is probably not great journalistic prose but no amount of logical, well reasoned discussion will fix this Fifth Column parasite.  

  5. The grand tooty fruity of Australia should well and truly go and get royally FRACKED! This parasite and his associated brain dead followers only ever get their knickers in a twist when the truth starts to be told.

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