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UN report to state Australia is in breach of international torture convention

The UN is controlled by the OIC, the block of 56 Muslim nations. “International law” means sharia. The focus on Australia and the accusations should be rejected out of hand. We will see if our leaders have what it takes to stand their ground.

An independent expert has found aspects of Australia’s asylum-seeker policies have breached the United Nations Convention Against Torture.

There is no such thing as an “independent expert” in these cases. All of this is driven by special interest groups.

A report addressing concerns about Manus Island, as well as recent amendments to maritime laws, is due to be submitted to the UN Human Rights Council today.

It was prepared by Juan Mendez, the UN special rapporteur on torture.

Human Rights Law Centre director of legal advocacy Daniel Webb says the report finds detention of asylum seekers on Manus Island, and conditions at the centre, violate the convention.–(SMH)

In other news:

Three-quarters of Muslim Australians feel they are unfairly targeted by terror laws, study reveals


Most Muslims polled for large-scale community study say terror groups such as Isis distort real meaning of Islam

Lies,  BS and the usual victimhood idiocy from the Religion of Peace. But Aussies are not buying any, as you can see in the comments:

Muslim Australians believe overwhelmingly that they are unfairly targeted by counter-terrorism laws but say terrorist groups distort the true meaning of Islam, a survey of community attitudes has revealed.

Around one in five of the 800 Muslims polled believed that terrorist groups sometimes have legitimate grievances, the survey found, hinting at the delicate task Australian community leaders face in countering the propaganda war waged by groups such as Islamic State.

The researchers, including University of Queensland criminologist Adrian Cherney, said the findings showed that police, especially those in Sydney, needed to do more to build trust and a willingness to cooperate among Muslim communities.

The study involved focus groups and surveys of Muslim Australians from a range of backgrounds, including Pakistanis, Syrians, Indonesians and South Africans. The participants were evenly split by gender and ranged in age.

Close to 75% believed that counter-terrorism laws – of which 64 separate pieces have been passed since the September 11 attacks – were unfairly aimed at Muslims.

Though few had ever come into contact with these measures, the sense of being “under siege” was felt by a majority. Nearly half said they consciously changed the way they dressed to avoid scrutiny. Almost as many said they avoided certain mosques and a significant number said their travel, too, was altered.-More from the Guardian

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  1. Yes the comments were most interesting sheik, looks like more and more people are waking up.

  2. Yep that would be expected! That demon of the world Australia who time and time again provides assistance to war, victims, the impoverished and countries hit by natural disasters is breaking human rights again. Yes Australia who has now stopped the drownings at sea, who takes in refugees who go through the right channels, has a migration system that is more than generous is denying the ILLEGAL parasitic queue jumpers the right to just move into tax payer funded housing while living on tax payer benefits and enjoying one of the best medical systems in the world whilst practicing their medieval religion and planning new and exciting ways of killing us. BAD AUSTRALIA. FRACK THE UN, THE OIC AND HUMAN RIGHTS LAW CENTRE.

  3. Remember the “independent” Goldstone Report?

    Maybe we should see a heading

    Juan Mendez, the UN special rapporteur on torture,rethinks findings on Australia.

    What about Australia’s Human Rights?

    UN Human Rights Council today is a joke,you never hear about reports of human rights abuses in OIC countries ( and there are 56 of them).

    Why is Israeli the only one to be attacked?

    Don’t tell me that all the OIC countries comply with the torture convention which prohibits subjecting people to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment, and that all the OIC countries are meeting the basic standards.

    Goldstone Report Author Rethinks Findings On Israel And Gaza War Crimes


    JERUSALEM — The head of a U.N.-appointed expert panel that investigated the Gaza war between Israel and Hamas in the winter of 2008-2009 said in a newspaper article that new accounts by Israel’s military indicate that it did not deliberately target civilians, his report’s central and most inflammatory accusation.

    Israel’s prime minister said the military was vindicated by Richard Goldstone’s acknowledgment in an op-ed piece published Friday by The Washington Post that his conclusion appeared to have been wrong.

    The Goldstone Report’s findings, released in September 2009, triggered outrage in Israel, which refused to cooperate with the investigation on the grounds that the panel he led was biased.

    “We know a lot more today about what happened in the Gaza war,” Goldstone wrote. “If I had known then what I know now, the Goldstone Report would have been a different document.”

    1. None of the OIC countries comply with the torture convention which prohibits subjecting people to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment. None of the OIC countries are meeting the basic standards, but they are calling the shots because the control the UN.

  4. ‘The UN is controlled by the OIC, the block of 56 Muslim nations. “International law” means sharia. ‘

    yes, they are THE powerful block at the UN, plus the “Non Aligned Nations”, and there will be more of them given the future fractured Iraq (+3), Syria (+3), Lybia (+3), Nigerian (+2), Lebanon (+?)… and there are already the “Palestine” = 1 Fatahstan + 1 Hamastan…

    It’s highly time to reform the UN count of voices, for ex. every state of a federation must count as 1 then US=50 states=50 votes, Australia, Germany, France, etc. Let’s split also Italy and Spain and indeed UK. Kosovo or Bosnia -and many others- in the present configuration (because of this “block vote” situation) are given too much power.

    The basis of origin was that a small country must weight as much as a big one but we see today the flaw providing for obvious abuse!

    Must also be considered altogether withdrawal by the “free world nations” from the UN.

    About Germany, since the ethnic Germans are dying away, future Germany will be Muslim turkish lead, hopefully France will resist giving in to its huge muslim minority, these two countries are the core of EU’s existence… food for thought isn’t it ? Really time to ACT! Though nothing to expect from US under Obama, tough, with fortitude we shall overcome


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