Hearts & Minds & All(-ah) the Things We Make Them Do

Australia is a multicultural success story.
We made them do it


AUSTRALIA’S highest ranking member of al-Qaeda has spoken
The epic battle for the hearts and minds of headchoppers

MPs warn over number fleeing to IS

Yemenite holes

“This must be a relentless battle for hearts and minds, and without a strong counter-narrative we are in danger of failing to prevent even more departures.

“We are at the edge of a cliff.” ..

More on the attempt to be seen to be doing something at Malvern Gazette


Sharia law goes against all values that we hold dear


According to one survey, around 40 per cent of Muslims in Britain want to be governed by sharia. (The rest of them is lying.)

Most of our politicians are too cowardly to speak out forcefully against this trend. …

More from the decaying nation at Express by Leo McKinstry, via Mullah pbuh

ISMA: Muslims Must Take Power To Enforce Hudud


“Enforcing hudud is a commandment from God. To do so requires that the administrative power be under the hands of Muslims. Therefore, the Muslims are obliged to make the effort to cooperate towards that end.”

From the very moderate Malaysian Digest

Jordan proposes ban on “insults to religions” at next Inter-Parliamentary Union meeting

“All religions” means nothing but Islam, of course:

“The followers of Islam acknowledge the existence of other religions. Islam also gives the followers of those religions the right to exercise their religious practices freely within Islamic States, and regards non-Muslims as citizens and an integral thread in the fabric of the nation. …

More lies about the false prophet and his evil religion at National Secular Society thanks to Mullah, pbuh