“I was made victorious through terror”

Anti-Islamist Talk Cancelled at Trinity College Over Fear of ‘Antagonising’ Muslim Students

An Iranian human rights activist who has described Islam as a “totalitarian global threat” has had her speaking engagement at Trinity College, Dublin (TCD) cancelled. Refusal to comply with a unique set of restrictions not placed on other speakers, including proponents of Sharia law, was the reason given.


Maryam Namazie, who regularly receives death threats for speaking out against Islamists, was due to give a talk to the university’s Society for International Affairs (SOFIA) on Monday titled:  Apostasy and the Rise of Islamism. But the event was cancelled when she refused to comply with last minute restrictions, including limiting the audience to Trinity College students who are also members of the society and the addition of a moderator to add “balance” to the proceedings. (Breitbart)


Muslims lie about everything. Here they get a soapbox in Canada’s National Post to lie some more:

What it’s like to be a Muslim living in Canada: ‘People act as if I’m the spokesperson for ISIS’

Stop calling Muslims terrorists. Muslims are not terrorists. Islam is a religion of peace. We believe killing a person is killing humanity. ISIS fighters are not getting heaven, or their 72 virgins, because that’s not what the religion says.

And when someone maligns Islam, I will stand up and say “You’re wrong, this is what Islam’s about.” …

More on the followers of the false prophet at National Post thanks to a befuddled & Sarah Boesveld  via Mullah, pbuh

 Its a poverty jihad!

How Can European Muslims Protect Their Children Against ISIL? – OpEd – Eurasia Review

adnoFrom Harun Yahya aka Adnan Oktar, a former asylum inmate who now pimps Islam with his harem of heavily made up Playboy bunnies:


… Many European Muslims believe they are being treated as second-class citizens in their countries. They are unable to enjoy the average levels of prosperity. Many of them, as in France, live in the slums around the major metropolitan areas. …