ISIL Erases the Remnants of Historical Civilisations


First they murder the people. Then they destroy the evidence. Muselmaniacs are obsessed with rewriting history, which means everything pre-islamic,  dating from the Jahiliyya, the age of “ignorance”, must be disappeared. (If the body and the murder weapon can’t be found, the killer can’t be brought to justice.)

ISIL bulldoze ancient Nimrud city
ISIL bulldoze ancient Nimrud city

An Iraqi antiquities official confirmed the news, saying the destruction began after noon prayers on Thursday and that trucks that may have been used to haul away artefacts had also been spotted at the site.

World Bulletin / News Desk

ISIL  fighters have looted and bulldozed the ancient Assyrian city of Nimrud, the Iraqi government said, in their latest assault on some of the world’s greatest archaeological and cultural treasures.

A tribal source from the nearby city of Mosul told Reuters the ultra-radical Sunni Islamic group, who dismiss Iraq‘s pre-Islamic heritage as idolatrous, had pillaged the 3,000-year-old site on the banks of the Tigris river.

Egypt closes 27,000 “places of worship”

A mosque can be many things. But they are not simply “places of worship’. Unless you worship evil, genocide and destruction.

Egypt closes 27,000 places of worship

A decision taken by the Minister for Endowments, means that more than 27,000 places of worship will be closed down.

World Bulletin / News Desk

According to a report in Al-Monitor, an Egyptian court on Feb 18 has upheld a 2013 decision of the Minister of Endowments to close more than 27,000 places of worship in order “to combat extremist ideology.”

Islamic State destroys 2,000-year-old city of Hatra

This follows closely after their destruction of Nimrud and of the Mosul museum artifacts. Clearly the Islamic State is determined to leave nothing un-Islamic in their domains. They want to create ruin and destruction of non-Muslim installations, because the Qur’an holds up ruins as the signs of Allah’s wrath upon the disbelievers: “Many were the Ways of Life that have passed away before you: travel through the earth, and see what was the end of those who rejected Truth.” (Qur’an 3:137)

“Islamic State militants raze Iraq’s ancient Hatra city: Government,” by Ahmed Rasheed and Isabel Coles, Reuters, thanks to Jihad Watch