“It’s surprising that this has not yet been done.”

Quebec Wants to Ban the Wearing of the Full Islamic Veil
niqabslondon“It’s surprising that this has not yet been done.”

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From the Religion of Peace:

The Islamist Way  

Islamists are dedicated warriors of tolerance, religious freedoms and human rights. . . But only when Muslims are in the minority.

Could the Muslim Vote Sway UK Elections?  

Its not a matter of “could”. It already does.
What will Britain look like when Muslims enforce their demands with political muscle?

Here. Your first taste of Muselprop TV DownUnder:

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3 thoughts on ““It’s surprising that this has not yet been done.””

  1. Yes – “It’s surprising that this has not yet been done.”

    Hurry Hurry Hurry ! ! ! ! !
    Australia’s Politicians, Politicals, Local Government Councillors AND The PC (Cultural Marxist) Mind Controlled Self Destructs
    Absolutely have to be “Removed” from Australian Society to STOP their islam Appeasement !!!!!
    STOP their islam Appeasement and our unwanted islam enslavement !!!!!!

    and Before you know it . . . .
    No islam exists in Civilised Society !!!!!
    as it should and will be !

  2. Pretty sure, the only way Muslims could sway the vote in the UK, is if the vast majority of Brits and Euros living in the country do not vote.

    Not to mention of course, the fact the sway can occur due to governmental pandering.

    Muslims are still a minority.

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