10 years after the Muslim riots, a witch hunt against the police

French Police Go On Trial 10 Years After The Banlieue Burned

Dreifus must be spinning in his grave. This trial is a prostration before the Muslims; it is a display of abject dhimmitude. It is  a disgrace of France in the eyes of the world. The two policemen are the sacrificial lambs on the altar of political correctness and defeatism.  The Muslims who burned 10.000 cars, 400 buses and a 100 businesses should be on trial, not the police who went after the perps. This is so perverse it is obscene! (Thanks to BCF)


Nearly a decade after three weeks of nightly rioting raged across disaffected French housing projects, two police officers go on trial on Monday over the deaths of two youths that detonated the explosion of violence…

…The rioting, arson, and running clashes with security forces that broke out in Clichy after the electrocution deaths quickly spread across hundreds of similarly seething French communities, inducing much soul-searching in France, yet little improvement in the projects since.

Concerns over the darker consequences of that growing socio-ethnic split between mainstream France and its marginalised inhabitants rose higher still after the January attacks in Paris by youths who had embraced radical Islam.

6 thoughts on “10 years after the Muslim riots, a witch hunt against the police”

  1. It’s a bit late to blame the Internet and too early to blame Charlie Hebdo – the police will do. Maybe the substation operator for not building a muslim-proof fence.

  2. Vomit bucket please, I want to dunk the collaborator French Government in it. They make the Vichy Government look courageous.

  3. France is no longer women in bright clothes walking with parasols along quaint streets, classical music.
    It is now an ugly country, ( ugly in its present philosophy )
    It is just a geographical location full of cowardly politicians, terrified of the stigma from their peers, that they might be labelled racist or intolerant. No its even worse because of the immoral stances taken by the leaders , left wing college professors and judges as they fall in prostration to Islam, to the UN and the EU.
    Well those leaders will have to make a decision, sooner than we all think, to either convert or face isolation and humiliating abasement that is the lot of those who have the moral conviction to stand as a Christian or non Muslim in and Islamic society. Their children will not have that choice, they are already half way there with the cunning and insidious indoctrination of the youth.

  4. The Frogs have always been traitors to Europe since at least the Crusades, after which they had also deliberately invited the Turks into Europe to fight against their Austro-Hungarian rivals. Now they betray them selves.


  5. But isn’t it similar to what we just experienced in the US with Darrell Wilson and Michael Brown? Wilson was destroyed and Brown made into a martyr. Likewise, these policemen will be destroyed and the Muslim thugs will be the martyrs. Everybody cheer!

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