Jihad elevates women; UN condemns Israel

Israel only nation condemned in UN for women’s right violations

The chutzpah of the OIC troglodytes at the UN knows no restraint. Out of nine official documents produced from the UN’s annual Commission on the Status of Women report, only one of the UN’s 193 members were mentioned in regards to ongoing infringement of women’s rights – Israel – in what Jerusalem says in another case of UN bias.

 Boko Haram ‘slaughter wives’ in NE Nigeria: witnesses


Dozens of Nigerian women who were forced to marry Boko Haram fighters were reportedly slaughtered by their “husbands” before a battle with troops in the northeast town of Bama, multiple witnesses said Thursday. Five witnesses who recounted the massacres to AFP said the Islamist militants feared…AFP

Islamic State Executes Three More Women For Refusing Temporary Marriage

isis soldiersERBIL: Islamic State (IS) militants have executed three young women in Mosul, accusing them of refusing temporary marriage, nikah, with other jihadists.

An eyewitness from Mosul told BasNews that the militants continue to abduct women with whom they want to have temporary marriage. -IS Executes Three More Women For Refusing Temporary Marriage,” Bas News, March 18, 2015 (Geller)

The Jihad Maidens

If you fight against ISIS you are a terrorist but if you join them they and their family get protection and new identities

A teenage girl who allegedly ran away from home to fight against Isis in Syria has appeared in court on terrorism charges.

Silhan Ozcelik, of Holloway, north London, was arrested at Stansted Airport after she arrived on a flight from Germany on January 16.

Yemen mosque bombings kill at least 77

Triple suicide bombings killed 77 people and wounded 121 others Friday at mosques in the Yemeni capital attended by Shiite Huthi militiamen who have seized the city, medics said. One suicide bomber struck inside Badr mosque in southern Sanaa while another targeted worshippers as they fled outside,…AFP

BS & Pipe dreams of ‘Assimilation’ in Austria

In Vienna, a tentative waltz with ‘Islam of the Austrian kind’

A new, controversial legal reform on Islam in Austria could become a beacon of hope in Europe as it rushes to assimilate its growing Muslim population in an age of insecurity and Islamophobia. These are the same goals shared broadly across Europe, among Muslims and non-Muslims alike. While it gives…Christian Science Monitor