Koranic ‘kindy’: poster boy, 6, calls on kids to answer Prophet

Your tax dollars are paying for his daddy’s jihad school:

Koranic ‘kindy’: poster boy, 6, calls on kids to answer Prophet

A six-year-old “Melbourne boy” conducted a workshop at a radical Islamic conference, teaching parents and other young children how to spread the ­religion’s word and offering tips on the Koran and spiritual life.
The boy also features in advertising material for a conference in Melbourne on Sunday ­organised by Islamic Research and Educational Academy. The academy’s founder, Waseem Razvi, is his father.

Why the hell did we stop them?

Australia says it stopped 200 jihadists from leaving country

This is so stupid it beggars belief. We should encourage all of them to leave and make sure they never come back.

Pamela Geller:

Why stop them? Let them go, let them fight, let them die — just don’t let them back in the country.

What is wrong with everyone? This is not complicated. This is war. What does Australia need with these savages?

“Australia says it stopped 200 suspected jihadists from leaving country,” By AP, March  2015
Counterterror squads have prevented 200 citizens from flying on suspicion that they were headed for the battlefields of Iraq and Syria

austalia jihad

Counterterrorism squads have prevented 200 suspected jihadists from departing Australian airports for the Middle East including at least three teenage boys this month.

Officials had previously announced that two Sydney-born brothers, aged 16 and 17, had been intercepted at Sydney International Airport on March 8 attempting to board a flight for Turkey without their parents’ knowledge. The siblings were returned to their families and were to be charged.

Within a week, a 17-year-old boy was intercepted at the same airport on suspicion that he was headed for a Middle Eastern battle, Border Protection Minister Peter Dutton said Wednesday.

The boy had also been returned to his family, but remained under investigation, Dutton said.

Since counterterrorism units were attached to eight Australian airports in August, 85,000 travellers had been questioned and 200 people had been prevented from flying on suspicion that they were headed for the battlefields of Iraq and Syria to fight with groups including Islamic State, Dutton said.

Experts disagree about why Islamic State had been so effective recruiting in Australia, which is widely regarded as a multicultural success story, with an economy in an enviable 24th year of continuous growth.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott said his government was investing more on border security and on countering extremism.

“It is absolutely critical that the people of Australia appreciate that the death cult is reaching out to vulnerable and impressionable young people,” he said, referring the Islamic State movement.” The death cult is reaching out, seeking effectively to brainwash people online.”

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