The Jihad Bunny

Oh No, Not The Easter Bunny!

by John Constantine


The Muslim Council of Australia has now declared Cadbury candies to be Halal (permitted). Cadbury, the maker of scrumptious chocolate, is now on the permitted list for Muslim consumption. Here is where the story takes a weird twist. Cadbury makes the foil wrapped, cream filled, Easter eggs which are sold all over the English-speaking world. And now apparently Muslims can buy and consume these chocolate Easter eggs. It seems that even the Easter Bunny must abide by the permission of Sharia Law.


Does anyone other than me find this to be ironic? Muslims do not believe in Easter. Their Imams forbid them to take part in celebrations of Christmas and Easter.

It is very interesting to see how the Koran views Jesus. Jesus, or Issa as he is referred to in Koran, appears over 40 times. Jesus is just a third-rate prophet in Islam. He does not begin to approach the magnitude of Mohammed. Jesus is not the Son of God. Allah cannot have a son. Nor did Jesus die upon the Cross. Here is where Mohammed gets a little quirky. Jesus and Judas looked a like. In a real switcheroo Judas is crucified and dies on the cross. Jesus goes back home and lives a long life. He dies a natural death at a ripe old age. There is really no Easter to celebrate without a resurrection. Thus in one fell swoop Mohammed destroys the uniqueness of Christ, the Atonement and the Resurrection. So Jesus in the Koran becomes an Islamic prophet. Jesus, as defined by the Koran, is a Muslim, but he is not the final revelation of Allah, that hallowed spot is reserved for Mohammed. After all Mohammed is the perfect man, worthy of emulation by all Muslims.


It is self-evident from the Koran that Mohammed is superior to Jesus. I guess Jesus was just not violent enough for Mohammed.

Back to the central thesis of this blog. What effect will Sharia have on the Easter Bunny? Perhaps under the divine guidance of Sharia the Easter Bunny will morph into the Mohammed Bunny. Then Muslim terrorists around the world will find chocolate Cadbury eggs in their Mohammed baskets (along with bombs, guns and suicide vests).

It is fine if products are made halal-compliant and advertised as such. It is not fine if consumers are forced to donate to a religious group:

And now the mother of all questions:

Where does our halal money go?

Andrew Bolt

A more recent petition [to federal Parliament] with more than 900 signatures wants a “user-pays” system for halal certified products and bans on certifiers from collecting fees.

It demands “freedom from forced religious donations” and says halal products not labelled as such amount to misleading or deceptive conduct.


Halal Australia, a company that certifies halal food, flatly denies supporting terrorism, in a post on its website.

“The service fees paid to Halal Australia for halal certification and accreditation are used to maintain the normal costs of running a registered business in Australia.

“Halal certification profits DO NOT go towards supporting any terrorist activities or violent politically motivated religious organisations.

“Nor do we have anything to do with any organisation or group anywhere in the world that incites violence and are not aligned with our values of freedom, egalitarianism, equality of opportunity, and mutual respect and tolerance.” 

Fine, but its website says virtually nothing about where the fees go and who exactly collects them.

This might be best resolved by the Government setting up its own certification system, with its own employees.

2 thoughts on “The Jihad Bunny”

  1. This certainly is interesting and it goes to show how hypocritical Islam (Muslims) are. Over the years even before this halal racket took flight many Muslims bought/consumed Easter chocolate. I even queried Muslims in regards to their purchasing of Easter articles and they shrugged their shoulders, not fussed at all about the origins or history of this pagan tradition.

    My, my how times change there certainly has been an awakening!

  2. Cadbury’s is now off my shopping list! Starting to scrutinise the packaging and watch out for that bullshit halal compliance logo when I go shopping. Have told all my friends and they are starting to do it as well. If enough people start looking for the logo of terrorist support when they do their shopping and refuse to buy these products, one would hope that the supermarkets and their suppliers will start getting the message. WE WILL NOT PAY THIS BULLSHIT ISLAMIC TAX ON OUR FOOD, YOU WANT IT YOU FRACKING PAY IT!

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