There is Misconception Dispelling Going On!

“Whiteness” and “Ignorance” hindering fight against “radicalisation”

White policemen should be replaced with Paki Muslims. Former Met chief superintendent Dal Babu said many Muslims were suspicious of the Prevent scheme

dalThe government’s anti-radicalisation strategy is a “toxic brand” run by mainly white officers with little understanding of Islam, gender or race, a former senior Muslim policeman claimed today.

Dal Babu, a former Met chief superintendent, said the lack of Muslim staff in the ranks of the “Prevent” scheme is hampering efforts to stop vulnerable young people, particularly women, from travelling to Syria to join Islamic State.


Twisting the Twist with the Ahmadiyya

“(Extremists) twist our beliefs in such a way that they are no longer true anymore,” she said. “Something like this that’s countering that, that’s showing kids that no, this is the real Islam …

Me thinks we should not buy any Islam from a female who is deficient in intelligence, according to her own religion. We should tell Muslims to go and find the ‘real Islam elsewhere, and stop giving them the benefit of the doubt.

OHIO convert to Islam, arrested for planning terror attack on Washington DC , says:

“I’m with the Islamic State. I’m very dedicated to establishing sharia in America, to wage war on the unbeliever and raise the word of Allah above all”


With Islam against Islam?

Islamic leaders believe imams and sheiks should be sent into Australian jails to neutralise any radicalisation among Muslim inmates. … (Authorities should monitor these imams and sheiks and record every word spoken.)

More islam against islam at The Age thanks to Mullah, pbuh

Topsy-Turvy: Parents Whose Children Took Their Islam Seriously Want The British Police To Apologise

by Hugh Fitzgerald

It is disgusting — but so many things are these days — that  the parents of  the three girls, those three little maids from school who were sufficiently impressed with all the videos of beheadings, individual and en masse, and destruction, by the Islamic State that they left worthless Great Britain, to go off on their Excellent Adventure with the Islamic State, think that it they, the parents of the three little maids from school, who have a right to demand (it’s part of the Muslim worldview) from the kuffar police who, they think, didn’t do enough to prevent their vicious little chiildren from leaving on their vicious little trip. It is the British police who should be looking into the parents who, after all, raised up those girls, did everything they could to make them proper and submissive Muslims which means, of course, that  they were already susceptible to the siren-song, on the Internet, of ISIS. Do not think for one minute that these parents had taught their children to abhor what Islam inculcates, that is hatred of the Infidels, and contempt for the Infidels among whom these girls’ families lived.

Not only should the apology not be given, but perhaps there should be calls to look into what these girls learned, virtually from birth, about how Muslims should regard non-Muslims. Yes, look into it. And see how common, how perfectly mainstream, how common, such teachings are, and reveal to the public, not merely what  is in Qur’an and Hadith and Sira, but the atmospherics of families suffused, as the families here so obviously were, with Islam, Islam, Islam.

One thought on “There is Misconception Dispelling Going On!”

  1. Yes the question is who is responsible??

    “Sir Peter Fahy, the chief constable of Great Manchester and a national policing spokesman on counter terrorism, defended the strategy saying figures showed fewer people travelling to Syria here than in countries such as France.

    However, he told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme that there was a danger of putting Muslims “in a box” and admitted one failing of Prevent had been to create the impression that the sole responsibility of preventing children from travelling lay with the police, and not parents.

    He also criticised Muslim leaders for failing in the past to give a clear message that extremism is wrong.”

    Yes is is always the others fault,the white police, the government, the west,the jews, never the person themselves,the parents, the community, the mosques,the muslim leaders,the imams.

    “White policemen should be replaced with Paki Muslims”

    It is not called Londonistan for nothing.

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