Three Japanese, One Aussie Among Tunisia Museum Attack Victims

Religion of Peaceniks murders tourists  as they admire “Islamic civilisation…”

The Age refers to them as “Suspected Islamic State militants”, suggesting that the only danger comes from the Islamic State.

Tunisia is the country where the widely misunderstood “Arab Spring” revolts against secular rule began four years ago.

Tunisian officials said two or possibly three gunmen stormed a famed museum near the country’s parliament in Tunis Wednesday, killing 17 foreign tourists, a police officer and a Tunisian civilian before being killed themselves in a police raid.

Deadly Islamic rampage at Tunisia Museum Leaves 21 Dead, Pamela Geller

Andrew Bolt

How nihilistic is this Islamist barbarism that tourists are murdered as they admire Islamic civilisation?

NINETEEN people have been killed after a shooting attack at a Tunisian museum with two gunmen taking hostages before they were shot dead.

Tunisian Prime Minister Habib Essid said that 21 people had died, including the two gunmen. The seventeen tourists who died were from Italy, Poland, Germany and Spain. They died alongside a Tunisian security officer and a Tunisian cleaning woman…

Mohamed Ali Aroui, an Interior Ministry spokesman who detailed the deaths at the Bardo Museum in Tunis, called the attackers Islamists in remarks on national radio.

Not “Islamists”, just Islam causes this. You cannot have “holy” scriptures preaching hate and inciting devout believers to commit murder. And that is what Islam does.


An Australian is believed to be among the dead.

Julian Burnside might care to revise his opinion.

TUNISIA TERROR ATTACK – Here is the scene at the Bardo Museum compound in Tunisia as hostages escape terror attack. Tunisia parliament attack video raw footage.

Tunisian security forces stormed a museum rich with antiquities and killed two gunmen after at least eight people were killed in a terrorist attack, the country’s Interior Ministry said.

One officer was killed in the operation, authorities said. Several people were apparently taken hostage, and status of the hostages was not immediately clear.

A terrorist attack (targeted) the Bardo Museum, government spokesman Mohamed Ali Aroui said, according to Al Aribiya and other news outlets. Aroui said two or more terrorists armed with Kalashnikovs were involved, and that most tourists were evacuated.

Poland reveals Tunisia gunmen attacked tour bus

Vlad Tepes:

Poland’s prime minister has revealed that some of the Polish victims of Tunisia’s museum attack were on a tour bus in front of the building when the gunmen opened fire.

Ewa Kopacz refused to give the precise number of Polish victims, saying figures were still being confirmed. Earlier Wednesday, the Foreign Ministry said that three Poles were injured, while Polish diplomats in Tunis were working to confirm unofficial reports that four Poles had been killed.