Whatever “true” Islam is, it is not another form of Christianity

Muselmaniacs are not Christians. Whatever “true” Islam is, it is not another form of Christianity.

Let’s Stop Expecting Islam To Be Christian
An Islamist Egyptian protester shouts holding a Koran during a protest of hundreds of Salafists gather for the enforcement of Islamic sharia law at Tahrir Square in Cairo

“…Temperance, moderation, and nonviolence are what we need, therefore any violence associated with Islam must be blamed on those who are not real Muslims. Cardinal Dolan is both a spiritual leader and a politician (in the best sense of the term). As a politician, this statement makes sense: frame the issue in terms that you find acceptable. But as a matter of historical truth, the idea that Islam is naturally “temperate” and “moderate” is simply not true.

There are indeed temperate, moderate followers of Islam. And we should hope their number increases in proportion to the number who are neither temperate nor moderate. But to claim that moderates alone are “real Muslims” is an act of historical and religious revisionism that is fooling no one—except, perhaps, us Westerners.” (Blazing Cat Fur)

Give Muslims self-rule or count body bags: Aquino


“But if the conflict grows, the number of Filipinos shooting at other Filipinos will grow, and it would not be out of the question that a friend or loved one be one of the people who will end up inside a body bag.” …

Aquino is delusional. The number of Filipinos Muslims shooting at other Filipinos  Christians will grow either way, unless the jihad is dealt with firmly and resolutely. (SY)

More hijacking of islam at Dawn thanks to Mullah pbuh

Follow the money: Zionist backlash and Islamophobia

The usual psychobabble from Belen Fernandez @ Al Jazeera:

Inextricably linked to the backlash industry is the Islamophobia industry, which revolves around a fearmongering demonisation of Arabs and Muslims intended to legitimise both US and Israeli bellicose machinations in a region with highly coveted resources. … (thanks to Mullah, pbuh)


2 thoughts on “Whatever “true” Islam is, it is not another form of Christianity”

  1. … the Islamophobia industry, which revolves around a fearmongering demonisation of Arabs and Muslims…

    As if Islam and its believers don’t give plenty of cannon fodder to the ‘islamophobia industry’ to trash islam. How is this disconnect possible?

  2. Parochial libtards automatically presume that Islam has a tenet and history exactly like Christianity’s “Render unto Caesar” speech which separated church and state, “so” they assume, any muslim violence must be because of “political” islam, and “not” because of the more basic, “spiritual” kind of islam.

    But islam NEVER agreed to separate mosque and state, choosing instead to “Violently Render the World Unto Muhammad!”

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