“Huge Green Spaces”

A token Negro tells Britons how to stuff their country with third world welfare seekers.

Britain’s ‘huge green spaces’ means immigration is NOT too high, says ex Labour minister

FORMER Labour minister David Lammy yesterday insisted Britain’s “huge green spaces” with no migrants showed immigration was not too high.


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David Lammy thinks that Britain has no immigration problem because of ‘huge green spaces’ 

The would-be London Mayor insisted the UK did not have too many immigrants.“If you look at our population, it can manage, there are huge green spaces in the country where there aren’t immigrants,” he told BBC Breakfast..

“It’s not too high, it’s not.”

Mr Lammy attacked the Conservatives for committing to a “silly target”, which they failed to hit, of cutting net immigration to under 100,000 a year – and for cutting the English language classes he said helped newcomers integrate into British society.

“The Tories spectacularly missed the target after ramping up the rhetoric,” he said.

“We’re not setting a silly target, there’s no need for a silly (target).

“What there is is a need to manage the system once people are here – no access to the welfare state, absolutely right; the ability to speak English – why are they cutting English language classes if you want people to integrate?

There are huge green spaces in the country where there aren’t immigrants–David Lammy

“Look at their record, it’s shocking, it’s appalling.”Tory Immigration Minister James Brokenshire told the programme his party’s target had been “blown off course” by EU immigration but that would be curbed by plans further to restrict new immigrants’ access to welfare benefits.
“We still think net migration does need to come down from the hundreds of thousands to the tens of thousands,” said Mr Brokenshire.

“We have been blown off course in this Parliament as a consequence of EU migration which has doubled.

“That’s why David Cameron has been very clear on cracking down on things like the welfare side of things so that you only come here to work.

“Actually it’s Labour that have not got the policies on this. They haven’t got controls.”

Last year Mr Lammy warned Labour against reacting to the political threat posed by the UK Independence Party by adopting too hard a line on immigration.

“I don’t think that posturing and positioning each time there’s a new immigration poll is right for the Labour Party.

“We are a pro-immigration party, a pro-European party,” he told an interviewer last November.

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  1. “…There are huge green spaces in the country where there aren’t immigrants–David Lammy..”

    OMG! That is such an ncredib;y stupid statement when it is being used to justify an increase of immigration into Britain.

    Why aren’t the Greens up in arms agaist this idiot? Don’t they want to preserve wilderness and green space?

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