‘Kill the Jews’ in Vienna

Anti-Israel protesters shout ‘Kill the Jews’ in Vienna

Bosnian soccer fans join pro-Palestinian rally at city center and begin chanting anti-Semitic slogans

Bosnian soccer fans joined a pro-Palestinian demonstration in Vienna on Friday and shouted anti-Semitic epithets in one of the city’s central plazas, Austrian newspaper Der Standard reported

A video posted to YouTube shows several dozen pro-Palestinian demonstrators waving Palestinian flags in Stephansplatz and calling “free, free Palestine!”

Can’t help myself, to me it sounds like ‘weewee Pali-swine’….

Egyptian TV Host Ibrahim Issa: Don’t Expect Saudi Arabia to Combat the Ideologies of Darkness
“May Allah cleanse all Muslims’ lands of the idols of both the past and the present.”

Egyptian TV Host Ibrahim Issa: Don’t Expect Saudi Arabia to Combat the Ideologies of Darkness 

On his show on the Egyptian ON TV channel, Ibrahim Issa asked incredulously how Saudi Arabia, which forbids women from driving, could possibly confront extremism, terrorism, and the ideologies of darkness. Following his remarks, which aired on March 29, and the media uproar that ensued, ON TV apologized for Issa’s criticism, and the MBC channel, where Issa had another show, took the program off the air, claiming that it was substandard.

Enemies of Mankind…Islamic rules from their book
Judge them by their own book

20 Commandments of Muhammad the founder of Islam. 

1. Thou shall Rape, Marry, and Divorce Pre-pubescent Girls. Koran 65:4
2. Thou shall have Sex Slaves and Work Slaves. Koran 4:3, 4:24, 5:89, 33:50, 58:3, 70:30
3. Thou shall Beat Sex Slaves, Work Slaves, and Wives. Koran 4:34
4. Thou shall have 4 Muslim male witnesses to prove rape. Koran 24:13
5. Thou shall Kill those who insult Islam or Mohammed. Koran 33:57
6. Thou shall Crucify and Amputate non-Muslims. Koran 8:12, 47:4
7. Thou shall Kill non-Muslims to guarantee receiving 72 virgins in heaven. Koran 9:111
8. Thou shall Kill anyone who leaves Islam. Koran 2:217, 4:89
9. Thou shall Behead non-Muslims. Koran 8:12, 47:4
10. Thou shall Kill AND be Killed for Islamic Allah. Koran 9:5
11. Thou shall Terrorize non-Muslims. Koran 8:12, 8:60
12. Thou shall Steal and Rob from non-Muslims. Koran Chapter 8 (Booty/Spoils of War)
13. Thou shall Lie to Strengthen Islam. Koran 3:28, 16:106
14. Thou shall Fight non-Muslim even if you don’t want to. Koran 2:216
15. Thou shall not take non-Muslims as friends. Koran 5:51
16. Thou shall Call non-Muslims Pigs and Apes. Koran 5:60, 7:166, 16:106
17. Thou shall Treat non-Muslims as the vilest creatures deserving no mercy. Koran 98:6
18. Thou shall Treat non-Muslims as sworn enemies. Koran 4:101
19. Thou shall Kill non-Muslims for not converting to Islam. Koran 9:29
20. Thou shall Extort non-Muslims to keep Islam strong. Koran 9:29.


If this is in your belief system, you are not a Moderate Muslim. Everything listed above violates the American Constitution.

Islam violates all and every civilisation.