Labor Mufti Ed Husic takes a dump on Lambie

Remember: this Schweinhund swore an oath on the Koran, not to the Australian people.
dljzawmml4myjdqde44Husic’s statement to the press: “Mr Husic has previously said that he is a moderate Muslim who does not involve himself heavily with most of the religious customs and behaviours of the faith.”

Lambie’s Sharia fear ‘like comets, Elvis’

Independent Senator Jacqui Lambie

Independent Tasmanian senator Jacqui Lambie has been accused of whipping up fear about Sharia law. Source:AAP

JACQUI Lambie’s promise to “protect” Australians from Sharia law is worth about as much as a pledge to prevent Elvis sightings, a federal Labor MP says.

“No-one’s talking about seriously introducing Sharia law into this country.”–Ed Husic

Husic lies. It is every Muslim’s religious obligation to remove all hindrances and obstacles to sharia. That’s what he does.

THE senator’s manifesto for her new party, the Jacqui Lambie Network, says it opposes Sharia law being imposed in Australia “either formally or informally”.

Challenged about how likely she thought that actually was, the Tasmanian senator said she was “just getting out on the front foot”.”I just want to make sure it’s quite loud and clear when it comes to Sharia law; there is no room in this country for Sharia law,” she told Sky News on Wednesday.She said many Australians had raised the prospect as a concern with her.Labor’s Ed Husic questioned what else the Lambie party was going to do to protect Australians.”Comet strikings, the possibility of serious Elvis sightings?” he said.Assistant Treasurer Josh Frydenberg said Senator Lambie was just setting up a “straw man” that had no political or policy credence.”It’s a bit of a populist position she’s taken there, designed to attract attention,” he said.

“No-one’s talking about seriously introducing Sharia law into this country.”

Ban the Koran for “swearing in” as it is unAustralian.

Ed Husic swore in as the Prime Minister’s new parliamentary secretary on the Koran in 2013.

This was the set of principles he was swearing against as his “moral code”.

They include gender inequality, religious intolerance, anti-democracy, bigotry, inequality and racism—all of it very unAustralian.

These verses are only a handful from the Koran, however for every verse here, there are many others to support them.

These are the basic tenets of Islam and they certainly don’t belong in Australia let alone in an Australian Parliament.

Point 1 was reiterated in his statement to the press: “Mr Husic has previously said that he is a moderate Muslim who does not involve himself heavily with most of the religious customs and behaviours of the faith.”

Some of the tenets of Islam according to the Koran:

1. Hide your faith: Qur’an (40:28) – A man is introduced as a believer, but one who must “hide his faith”among those who are not believers.”

2. Sharia Law over Australian Law: Qur’an (33:36) – “It is not fitting for a Believer, man or woman, when a matter has been decided by Allah and His Messenger to have any option about their decision.”

3. Islam for all Australia: Qur’an (8:39) – “And fight with them until there is no more fitna (disorder, unbelief) and religion should be only for Allah” 

4: Fight for Islam Qur’an (4:76) – “Those who believe fight in the cause of Allah…”

5. Against DemocracyQur’an (5:44) – “Whosoever does not judge by what Allah has revealed is among the disbelievers” (This is one reason why terrorists openly fight for an Islamic state against democracy and secularism.)

6. Lie to Australians: Qur’an (9:3) – “…Allah and his messenger are free from obligation to the unbelievers…”

7. Religious Intolerance:  Qur’an 9:29, unbelievers should be fought until they either convert or submit…

8. Men get more inheritance: Qur’an (4:11) “The male shall have the equal of the portion of two females”

9. Never befriend Australians: Qur’an (4:144Take not for friends unbelievers rather than believers: 

10: Show hardness to non Muslims: Qur’an (9:123) – “O you who believe! fight those of the unbelievers who are near to you and let them find in you hardness.”

11. Allegiance to the Ummah: Qur’an (49:10The Believers are but a single Brotherhood

12. Muslim Master race: Qar’an (3:110) Ye are the best of peoples, evolved for mankind, enjoining what is right, forbidding what is wrong, and believing in Allah.

13. Kill Unbelievers: Qur’an (2:191-193) – “And kill them wherever you find them, and turn them out from where they have turned you out. And Al-Fitnah [disbelief] is worse than killing..

14. Men are superior witnesses: Qur’an (2:282) – ” two witnesses—two men…if not then a man and two women.” 

15. Wife Beating: Qur’an (4:34)  “admonish them, leave them alone in the sleeping-places and beat them;

16. Men are in charge of women: Qur’an (4:34) – “Men are in charge of women, because ….

17. Polygamy: Qur’an (4:3) – “Marry of the women, who seem good to you, two or three or four; …

18. Obey only Muslim authority: Qur’an (4:59) – “Obey Allah and obey ..those in authority from among you…” 

19. Religious Discrimination: Qur’an (5: 51) “Take not the Jews and the Christians for friends.”

20. Listen only to Muslims: Qur’an (25:52) “Listen not to the unbelievers, but strive against them with the utmost strenuousness.”

21. Jihad: Qur’an (4:95) – “Not equal are those believers who sit (at home) and receive no hurt, and those who strive and fight in the cause of Allah with their goods and their persons. Allah hath granted a grade higher to those who strive and fight with their goods and persons than to those who sit (at home). “



This is not an appropriate belief system for anyone representing Australians or the laws of our land.

Perhaps we should exclude Muslims from holding office unless they can put Australian law and Australian interests before Islam. Either swear on the Bible that underpins the laws of our land or take a personal oath.

4 thoughts on “Labor Mufti Ed Husic takes a dump on Lambie”

  1. Well he is Labor so he is an Anti Australian clown already. You would think the Bosnian war would wake him up.

    1. trend oprophet: that guy profiteered from the Bosnian war in that it got him to Australia, as a refugee (if I’m not mistaken).

      He showed his real colours (cowardly hypocrisy, so typical when they are still are a minority), when these Jewish schoolkids got attacked/insulted in their bus recently in Sydney.
      Before it was known who the attackers were, Husic was asked for a comment which he gave as follows: He was not aware of the “incident” because he had the flu. This islamist could not bring himself to “condemn” the attack.

      Anecdotally: I recently met a Bosnian Muslim (through circumstances out of my control) who claimed to know Husic. He said that Husic was “very outspoken privately, much much more so than he is in public”. Make of that what you will.

      I was reaching for the vomit bucket (being a sufferer of Islamonausea) when I saw this guy insulting Australia by being sworn in on the Koran. My alarm system went into overdrive because this guy is so excellent at Taqja, that even the otherwise brilliant Andrew Bolt finds him “a good guy”. Be very afraid – this guy aims for the top job – and then: Goodbye Australia.

      1. Rita,
        It means the guy is a danger!! You were given a warning by the muslim you met, in probably the only way it could give the warning without significant personnel danger to itself.

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